pumpkin patch

October Traditions

On Saturday Michael went for a run, I went to the gym and then we headed south to Dundee. We had to pick up our last case of Sokol Blossor wine (I cancelled the membership) and decided to make a day of it.

The hope was that Logan would split his naps into two: it’s 45 minutes from our house so it would be perfect if he could take part of his nap there and back. We recently turned Logan’s carseat around and I had worries that he’d be able to sleep in the car but…

He was so stimulated by pointing out all the cars we saw on the road, he didn’t fall asleep until we were 15 minutes away. Of course!

First stop: lunch!

We went to Red Hills Market for lunch. It had great reviews online. And they were right! The food was excellent. The service? Mixed. You ordered at the counter and then found a table and the line was insane. It was a bit stressful standing in line with a toddler to order a meal but the food actually came out really quickly, so that was good.

Now the food: it was really good! I highly recommend this place. Michael got the steak salad and said it was excellent (I had a bite and agree. The chimichurri dressing was to die for.) I got the soup of the day and a side of egg salad on toast topped with arugula.

It was a small cup but the perfect amount. The butternut squash soup was really good, slightly sweet, and topped with toasted pumpkin seeds. I really liked my lunch. I would definitely go back here.

The next stop was picking up our order at Sokol Blosser and then heading to Heiser Farms for the pumpkin patch! Last year we went to the pumpkin patch in Hood River and it was great fun, so I was expecting Logan to love it even more this year. I love this tradition!

Heiser Farms was about 15 minutes from downtown Dundee in Dayton and it wasn’t crazy busy or crowded. Bonus for us! We went early. 🙂 For $15 we got into the farms and could do a bunch of the activities. There were a few things that were extra money but we didn’t feel like we missed out not doing them.

The first thing was the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. Logan wasn’t quite sure about it but once the tractor started moving he was all about it!

It was a short ride to the pumpkin patch, the right amount of time for a toddler. 😉

The pumpkin patch was pretty big and well maintained. There were pathways and trails covered in hay, which was nice, and there was also a corn maze (we didn’t use it but next year I think Logan will love it).

We didn’t get any pumpkins because they were super huge, but there were a lot of good-looking pumpkins.

We went back to the main farm and checked it out. There was a band playing and they were really good! When we got there, they were playing Johnny Cash. They sounded great! I wish I’d gotten the name.

Next Logan and Michael climbed the hay mountain and went down the slide (I posted some cute videos on my Instagram if you want to see them) and I went down once with Logan. 🙂 And then Logan got to see A REAL fire engine! The expression on his face was absolutely priceless and adorable:

After all the sliding and firetruck investigation, we checked out the petting zoo:

And photo ops:

And then we shared two apple cider donuts–freshly made!

They were good donuts!

It was getting pretty late so we decided it was time to head home. Thankfully Logan fell asleep and got in a good little nap on the drive home!


Logan 2.5

Gosh, it’s hard to look at my big boy now and think he was ever this tiny:

I miss those cuddly days! He’s such a big boy now. I mean check this out:

The above photo is his most recent school photo from daycare. I am so glad I got the picture this year. I skipped it last year and regretted it. He looks like such a big kid all of a sudden!

He recently turned 2.5. He’s been growing and learning in leaps and bounds. He’s taller and thinner now. His little baby chubs are starting to disappear (boo). He loves running and climbing and laughing.

This week Logan is moving up to the next room at daycare. When they turn 2.5 they move from the toddler room to the interim room before preschool. It’s basically for 6 months and they focus on structure and potty training. So in a few weeks he will be starting potty training at daycare. I am both excited and terrified of what this means. LOL Especially considering how stubborn my kiddo is…

Logan loves to talk and he talks a lot. It seemed to happen overnight. He went from saying single words to saying sentences and repeating everything we say and actually understanding and remembering stuff. Sometimes he’d say things that just shocked us, too. He surprised us one day by counting to 10 out of the blue! Wow!

The above photo is Logan giving the trees in our neighborhood hugs while we went for a walk.

He’s always been a ham, and he still is. He is the goofiest kiddo and he is really learning how to be funny as a toddler, too.

He has recently discovered movies. Before, he never sat still long enough to do much of anything–he was always running around and playing. Now he is able to focus longer and sit still and actually watch (most of) a movie. His FAVORITE movie is the Lion King. (He didn’t like Aladdin or the Little Mermaid.) He can watch Lion King on a loop. I have no idea why that is his favorite movie but he’s seriously obsessed.

And I can’t take one more viewing. LOL

This weekend I took Logan to Liepold Farms in Boring, Oregon to check out the pumpkin patch. It was a quick visit. He loved playing in the little kid’s section and then running around the farm.

He didn’t quite understand the concept of pumpkins yet…but this month at daycare in his new room they are learning about Halloween and pumpkins! I imagine next year will be super fun for him.

Thanks for reading!