For New Year’s Eve Michael and I bought an oven. 🙂

Ours has been going for almost a year, but hasn’t “died” entirely. Thankfully we can sort of use it for certain things. The stove still works. Thank goodness we got an AirFryer for Christmas! Anyways. A home warranty was part of our house sale so we had a repairman come out, tell us it’s broken and they don’t make the part anymore…Long story short. It took over a month of waiting for the warranty company to approve us some $$ to buy a new one. We found a great one on sale on NYE so that was our big finale of 2020. LOL

Dinner was good. Michael smoked cornish game hens on the Traeger (again, no oven…)

I made green beans and cornbread stuffing on the side. It was delicious.

New Year’s Day: First hike of the year!

2020: What can you say? We survived. We were very fortunate in that we did not lose our house. We did not get Covid. We did not lose anyone close to us to Covid. While Michael lost his job, he did get two others (thankfully) and we were both able to work from home since March. I know a lot of people aren’t that lucky and I am truly thankful for that.

I am also thankful that all three of my animals are doing ok. Stevie was touch and go, but he’s great now. Maya is 16 and declining, but she’s ok RIGHT NOW. I am SO grateful I was able to be home 100% during this time because had I not been, I would not have been able to see that Stevie was super sick and I fear I would have come home from work to something awful. 🙁 But being home all the time gave me the opportunity to know immediately something wasn’t right.

Our trip to Hawaii for my birthday in January was obviously the highlight of the year. And one of the last times we saw family, traveled, etc. Hawaii was so amazing and it’s really one of the main things that got me through this year. Thinking about Hawaii and the beaches and all the fun stuff we did.

I did a lot of stuff in 2020. I painted our bedroom, Logan’s bedroom. I built a garden. Bella and I walked 420 miles (averaging 8.1 miles a week) according to my Garmin. 😀 Bella and I explored all over our neighborhood and it was really the highlight of a dark year.

I ran 166 miles. I biked 325 miles. I MISSED SWIMMING SO MUCH during the lockdown. But in October I got to start up again and swim for a month and a half before it shut down again.

I gained about 10 pounds. YAY. Whatever, I am working on it. More on that later.

I have been doing A LOT of work on myself emotionally/mentally this year. I found some pretty amazing podcasts to keep my company on my long walks and they’ve given me some insight and things to think about. (The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema and Food Psych).

Goals for 2021: Simple goals.

Drink more water. (Like, be very conscious of it because I am terrible at drinking water!)

Read 90 Books.

Do yoga more often.

Go on family walks.

That’s about it. What about you?

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and Glamour.com.

9 thoughts on “2021”

  1. Hey Lisa – Happy New Year! I definitely gained over the holidays – but basically maintained for the year. I would just like to be consistent this year. I feel like I drank way too much and then ate too much and didn’t count it and just tried to be better the next day. I also have my college freshman doing school in the basement because his school is 100% remote. I am very thankful to be working in an office and not at home – it’s much better for me mentally,

  2. 2020 certainly was a year! I love that you’re keeping your goals for the year simple, but focused, Lisa. We’ve been pretty diligent about isolating during all of this, so we’ve, thankfully, remained healthy, as have our families. Our cat, Zeus, was also having some health issues in the fall, but he seems to be 100% his “zoomie” self these days, which is a relief. My focus in 2021 is on being healthy, both physically and mentally, but also having a little patience with myself in the process. Here’s to a healthy & happy 2021!

    1. Thank you! I think simple, easy goals are best. Last year was so hard (for everyone) that I just felt like, why pressure myself?
      I am glad to hear your kitty is ok now. It’s so stressful when they are sick!
      Patience and kindness for physical and mental health is a great goal.

  3. It has been a great year for a lot of pets with their families home with them. And a lot of pets have found homes this year. (We are on the waiting list for dog ourselves.)

    I normally keep two neighbor dogs while their “mom” is at work. I have done this for years. Love them. She has been working from home since March (and her employer has decided they are all staying home permanently). The older dog 13.5 has been thrilled to have her home all the time. (The pup who is almost 3 would rather be here.) I have really missed them.

    Our dishwasher blew up just before Thanksgiving, sparks and smoke. Any other year I have a house full that week and it would have been really terrible. As it was, only 3 of us, we just washed dishes for two weeks. The terrible part this year was having to have repair guy come IN to pronounce it dead, me having to go IN and pick out new one, installer having to come IN our house. BUT, we did not get sick. And I now have a third shelf/pull out which is really really wonderful.

    1. WOW! Sparks and smoke? That is scary! I agree, it’s hard having repair people in the house. We’ve had a few and will have a few this week (oven delivery and an electrician). Makes me nervous and I open windows and stay back as I can.

      That is sweet you were a dog babysitter for your neighbor. It’s so hard when the pets are home all alone while you are work. We tried to have a dog walker come once or twice a week but it was too expensive to do every day.

      1. I started with the older dog, after she got divorced. Then she asked if I would be game to do a pup with her. And I did. It took both of us, a very smart/energetic pup. Both are full size golden retrievers. I also keep them if she is out of town (sometimes 2 weeks) or has emergency. We have a double set of everything here (bowls, beds, towels, leashes, toys) so the dogs can just pass back and forth easily. She measures out their food and labels, so they just come with their food for the stay and we are good to go. MANY people in neighborhood think they are my dogs.

        1. I have a friend with a now 12.5 year old daughter who has stayed with me dozens and dozens of times since she was 3. She also has a bed at my house. Sometimes she is here for a couple weeks.

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