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I can’t even remember now if I mentioned this, but I’ve basically been sick for a month! It started with ending up at urgent care with what turned out to be a sinus migraine (I’ve never had a migraine before!) at the beginning of January. And then I’ve been fighting this crap since. It kind of went away for a few days, then came back. Then got super worse (with a fever) so I got antibiotics and another covid test (my third for January oy). 5 days later was feeling almost back to normal! I worked out! For one of the first times in weeks. And then within a day of ending the antibiotics all the symptoms came back. So my doctor gave me a different, stronger one, for 10 days.

I’ve been feeling crappy and run down and tired and also BLAH about doing much. I don’t feel motivated to work out. I barely feel motivated to take Bella for our twice daily walks (I do try and go, but they are shorter walks right now). I have ZERO appetite. Nothing sounds good, nothing tastes good. Everything is just blah. I don’t know if it’s the sinus infection, the antibiotics, the metformin starting to work, or what. I’ve been drinking a lot of protein shakes because food doesn’t sound good.

BUT I did make a yummy dinner last night I wanted to share. Here is the recipe:

It was simple, easy and a good dinner for a weeknight when you don’t have a ton of time.

Very very delicious! Would definitely make this again! We both agree a little more garlic and maybe a little bit of fresh lemon juice next time. A winner!

And one thing I *have* been motivated to do was paint.

When we first saw our house, I loved it and I loved almost all of the colors painted in the house (even the yellow dining room and yellow is not a color I normally gravitate to) but the room that ended up being our office:

Words cannot describe how much I hate the colors in the office. The darker brown, which is hard to tell by the photo but TRUST ME, is the color of baby poop. It’s very not good. The walls are ok–just your average beige. But kinda boring. But seriously. That brown. Hate hate.

Also–they painted the hardwood floors. Which makes me want to cry. The original hardwood floors. Painted. But that will be a huge undertaking. So we bought a rug.

Anyways. Since we’ve been home since March–ALMOST A YEAR omg–I finally had enough. It was time to change the office. I decided to get started and just take it slow, especially since I don’t feel 100%.

I painted the trim with primer and then they took 3 (THREE) coats of white paint to cover the brown. Ugh.

They do look pretty awesome though.

The process to finish the office will take awhile. We need to remove a bunch of stuff, including the desk and office stuff, which needs to happen on a weekend and will make it difficult to do work. So it might be a few weeks before it’s done.

We are also having some of the original windows redone. We have to do it for a lot of reasons. But I am excited that we finally committed and we found a local company that can recreate the original 1920s windows and make them look the same. I am excited for the new ones! Because of that, I am not painting the windows. But the rest of the office will be done (hopefully by the end of the month).

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and Glamour.com.

6 thoughts on “Busy Bee”

  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Get well fast. A little tiny wet fresh air will help. It’s awful being sick. We are having VERY cold weather here in central Florida – it was 30* this morning with frost all over.

  2. We have a lot of snow and it is very cold. I get out to run curbside errands a few times a week, which helps a lot. (One more month and we will hit our year mark too.) Right now I cannot even walk to the mailbox, ice. I have been cleaning out drawers. I hit one clutter area hard, very pleased. Two more to go, soon. I am redoing one wall in the living room too. I have been collecting frames for that, and then am ordering Audubon prints. I have also been sewing wrap around aprons which is using up fabric (very good project).

    When I have respiratory health problems, it always seems to be asthma related. Sometimes I realize it at the time. Sometimes it is a year (or two) later before I understand what happened. As a child I was constantly diagnosed with bronchitis and with modern knowledge, I now know it was (always) asthma. So if you are running thru constant respiratory issues, even though they look like an illness, you might want to see if there is an exposure/trigger pattern or if you need to up your maintenance meds.

    1. Yes! So true. I learned that the reason I always got bronchitis was asthma. With the wildfires here, I was having a lot of issues and they weren’t getting better. My doctor increased the dosage of the maintenance inhaler I used and it was like magic. So glad it helped.

      Doesn’t it feel good to clean out clutter? I am trying to do that too. I go through spurts, and then take breaks. I’ve donated a ton of stuff.

      1. My clutter cleaning has mostly gone (sold) on Facebook Marketplace. I do low/garage sale prices. My goal is to put things I do not want in people’s hands who can use it.

        I have sold a ton of stuff (started in summer 2018). A shocking amount. We have been in this house for 20 years and the one before that 15 years, so much accumulates!

        I have gone thru the attic and garage several times. I just keep going thru closets and cupboards and drawers.

        (We have been in isolation for nearly a year now. I do curbside or order everything. We only go IN if it is medically necessary. This cleaning out gives me something to do.)

        The advantage of my cleaning out now is I do porch pick up only. So there is no contact. And I feel motivated to keep adding stuff to my listings because that is what generates activity and moves things out of my house.

        1. That’s fantastic! It sounds like you are doing a great job.

          We did a garage sale when we were getting ready to move. I donate all the time and I also give to my Buy Nothing Group on Facebook. I’ve tried selling things on Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp but often times it’s more of a hassle than it’s worth. I’ve only done that for more expensive items that are worth selling.

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