My first Blog Post

“How did you do it?”

This is the question that people always ask me when they find out I lost 40% of my body weight. 40%. In actual numbers, that’s over 100 pounds. 100 pounds is a 12 year old boy. I lost the equivalent of a preteen boy.

The crestfallen look on their face when they find out the “how” never changes. They want me to give them the magic spell, the magic beans, the pill they can pop, the diet they can do for one month. They’re never satisfied with my actual response.

“I lost the weight with healthy eating and exercise.”

It took me almost two years to lose over one hundred pounds. It was a journey I knew I had to take. It was a journey that was harder to start than to do, honestly. It took me 27 years to wake up to the change I needed to make.

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