New Weight Watchers Success Story

My friend Rachel recently joined Weight Watchers and has loved it so far. I wanted to share with everyone what she thought of it so far.

1. What prompted you to want to lose weight? I was wearing XL shirts and those were getting snug.  I had always been thin as a teenager and I see myself as still being thin now so having XL clothes busting at the seams was pretty frustrating and made me realize I’m no longer a size small.

2. Why did you choose Weight Watchers over the other options out there? Weight Watchers allows me to eat anything I want, I don’t have to buy special foods.  I didn’t want a plan that required me to buy their foods because I buy stuff that’s on sale.  I didn’t want to count calories because calories don’t scare me, I’m indifferent toward them.  I signed up for WW at the Seattle Women’s Show, I was feeling very overwhelmed by my weight, school, work and life in general.  WW offers me a support group which is exactly what I needed and as an added benefit they encourage me to eat better.

3. How long have you been doing Weight Watchers now? What results have you seen so far? I started WW 6 weeks ago.  I’ve lost:

4.6 pounds

2 dress sizes

1.5″ off my hips

3.5″ off my waist

2″ off my bust

I went to Maui in the middle of this time so had I been a little more careful about my eating the results could’ve been better but I don’t deny myself anything I really want.

4. What do you like about Weight Watchers? I like the support, I often attend 2 meetings a week (Wed and Sat).  During these meetings I get to hear other people talking about the things they struggle with (free food at work), how they eat better and we celebrate *everything*. We celebrate every 5# lost, when you lose 5% of your starting weight, 10%, when you exercise during the week, when you order something grilled instead of fried.  We love stickers and applause.  Weight Watchers gives me a set amount of “points” I can eat each day and then I get flexible points for the week and I can earn more by exercising but I don’t have to.  I find the points are easier because some things are “free” points (such as steamed veggies) and I’m not discouraged by what I eat because I can supplement with low or zero point foods.

5. What advice do you have for other people wanting to lose weight? Losing weight as we all know is burning more calories than you eat.  My biggest advice is what you told me and what I hear from Weight Watchers — track your food.  If you don’t write down every bite, nibble, taste, lick, etc you’re cheating yourself.  And to figure out what you need. I know that I need support, I don’t participate but I enjoy the presence of a support group.


Rachel Before
Rachel Before

And Rachel After 6 weeks on Weight Watchers:

Rachel After

Not only has she lost inches and 2 dress sizes, she has now started the Couch to 5k program to start running!!!! So impressive! 🙂

QUESTION: Have you ever done Weight Watchers? What did you like/dislike about it?

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

6 thoughts on “New Weight Watchers Success Story”

  1. I LOVED Weight Watchers. I lost over 80lbs doing WW (going to the meetings, weighins, etc). And I still use all the tricks/tips I learned from WW. I think WW advocates lifestyle changes as opposed to a diet. There are no limits on foods to eat just how much of it you eat! Sometimes I feel WW saved my life because without it, I don’t know I would have ever lost the weight.

    Tell Rachel congratulations 🙂 Her weight loss is FANTASTIC. And she’s learning a new lifestyle!!

    1. Congrats on losing 80 pounds! WOW! I did not do WW but if I had to do it all over again, I would join. I like their message and I think they teach people how to eat real food in the real world.

  2. love ww but hate tracking. I lost 35 pounds doing it and then life got in the way. It’s my fav because it doesn’t focus on processed foods even though they make them.

    You don’t have to wait for food delivery. I think it’s the cheapest plan.

    Oh..and yay Rachel!

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