breakfast ideas

In Search of Something New

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Truth. I am burned out on breakfast! I’ve been happily eating eggs for breakfast for years now. Sometimes I have 2 scrambled eggs with 1 turkey sausage link and black beans with salsa. Sometimes it’s 2 scrambled eggs with salsa and half an avocado sliced on top. Sometimes it’s 1-2 fried eggs with an English muffin. Sometimes it’s oatmeal.  Seriously–I need some variety.

I’ve tried cereal and it doesn’t work for me. I am hungry within the hour. I definitely need a breakfast that has some protein in it.

Experiment #1

Someone on twitter suggested I try some toast with cream cheese and tomatoes. That sounded really good to me. I toasted a slice of Dave’s Killer Seeded Bread, added cream cheese to it and then sliced a few fresh (but tiny) Roma tomatoes from my garden. I also had half a serving of plain Greek yogurt with pineapple chunks on the side.

So how was breakfast? It was delicious! I loved it. It needs some tweaking but I liked the combination. I ate it at 6:30 a.m. and then biked to work. It kept me full for 3 hours. That’s pretty decent but not quite good enough.

Experiment #2

I tried a variation of the first attempt. I toasted one slice of Dave’s Killer Bread and put cream cheese on half and 1/4 of an avocado on the other half, topped it with tomatoes and had some cherries.

This one worked great as well. I would definitely do this one again. I was satisfied for a few years at work.

Experiment #3

Can you tell that I am obsessed with avocados lately? Seriously, I’m putting them on everything I can. I might need an intervention. This time I had 2 fried eggs and toasted an English muffin. I spread half of an avocado on on the muffin.

Loved this one. This is a keeper, even though it is eggs!

Experiment #4

This was a breakfast on the weekend. Michael made us a 3 egg omelette to share. He put some cheese, two slices of bacon in it and topped it with slices of avocado and pico di gallo.

I’m usually not an omelette fan because they make me feel too full. But splitting one is usually okay for my stomach. This won’t be something I’ll have regularly because it was a little higher in calories than I’d like for breakfast and it’s not a quick breakfast to make. Probably just a once in awhile weekend thing for this one.

Experiment # 5

Finally, I tried waffles and one fried egg. I haven’t had frozen waffles in AGES. Like years…? But I saw them in the freezer section and thought, why not? Two waffles were 180 calories, so that wasn’t that bad.

I tried having the waffles alone and that didn’t satisfy me at all. I mean, it tasted great! But I was hungry pretty quickly afterward. The next time I added one egg and that worked great. It kept me full for about 2.5 hours. I liked this one so much that I did it almost every day one week. It’s not ideal. I’m trying to get away from processed foods as much as I can, and I certainly don’t want a ton of junk carbs for breakfast, but once in awhile this is an okay quick breakfast for me.


So did my experiments help? Not really. I found that I ate more carby things for breakfast and I didn’t like it. I’d rather not have a bunch of bread if I can avoid it. It did break of the monotony of scrambled eggs or oatmeal every day. I’m still on a search for a good, healthy, balanced breakfast.

QUESTION: Any ideas?