Hangover Cure: French Toast

I woke up Saturday morning, remembering that I probably drank an entire bottle of wine by myself.


Water. Advil. Immediately. Rachel and Jeep (hubby) got up early and drove to the beach to meet up with his dad for a few hours. We’re meeting them later today. So Michael and I decided to go get breakfast.

Rachel And Jeep

We headed into Sellwood and went to Fat Albert’s Restaurant. A coworker had recommended it. It was a really cute place.

Fat Albert's Cafe

I saw this sign and I was immediately worried:

But I was pleasantly surprised at the menu! There were healthy options available. I asked the waitress if I could get the Child/Senior Special even though I was neither. She said sure. Yippee!


I drank my first cup of coffee and started to feel human again. I’d gone from this:

To this:

Hawt. LOL

So I got the “light” breakfast. It came with 1 fried egg, 1 sausage, and 1 French toast. I also ordered a side of fruit (which was pretty impressive considering most restaurants are stingy with the “fresh fruit” options).

It’s been YEARS since I’ve had French Toast. Really. Growing up, we always went out to breakfast on the weekends. I grew up in Seattle and there were lots of breakfast options in Edmonds, Lake City, Bothell, and North City areas near my childhood home. We had a few favorites that we always went to and I ALWAYS ordered French Toast. That was my whole “thing” as a kid. When I got healthy and started counting calories, for some reason I always saw French Toast as the Enemy Food I had to stop eating–just like pizza. I cut those things out of my diet and never looked back. I eat pizza on a regular basis now (I blame Michael) but I learned to eat it in moderation. 2 slices of pizza tastes just as good as half a pizza did.

This morning when I saw that I could order a lighter breakfast AND get a slice of French Toast, I wanted it! And it was GOOD!


I ate my breakfast, the grapes and banana and was STUFFED. I took the rest of the fruit home in a box to have as a snack before we hit the road. Michael got the breakfast burrito:

Monster Burrito

And after:

🙂 Hehehe! He said it was pretty darn good too!

I think Michael and I are going to try and go for a quick bike ride. Have a great weekend!

QUESTION: What is your favorite food memory as a kid? What do you order for breakfast out?