The Walking Dead

A Return of a Favorite

Sunday night dinner was an easy one. With my Achilles Boot on it makes it difficult to stand for extended period of times without feeling back pain so I couldn’t try any new recipes this weekend. Instead I picked up a steak for dinner. A Tri-Tip steak this time. Last week’s steak was a bit on the chewy side, so I hoped this different cut would be better.

I marinated the steak in Merlot, Worcestershire sauce, and soy sauce.

I tossed in some spices and minced garlic:

I let the steak marinade for about 3 hours (mostly because I got caught up in watching Colin Firth movies on Netflix and forgot to get the steak going).

Sunday night we brought back an old favorite. It’s been too long since we’ve had Gnocchi.

A serving of gnocchi is 3/4 of a cup each. I measured out 2 cups total for us (it’s a difficult item to measure accurately). I sipped on some wine while we cooked.

It’s been too long since we’ve cooked with pesto and I’m glad Michael grabbed some from Costco.

I steamed some broccoli to go along with dinner while Michael grilled the steaks.

According to some internet research Tri Tip steak is the perfect steak for grilling and I agree with that. I am very pleased with how dinner turned out.

The steak was juicy, tender and delicate. I loved it! The marinade was delicious too.

I mixed my gnocchi and steamed broccoli together with the pesto to coat everything.

If you haven’t tried the combination of pesto and steak–DO IT! It is so tasty!

The final verdict: Tri Tip is excellent. We watched the new Top Chef All-Stars while we ate dinner. I am so glad the show is back! Plus they have a bunch of my favorites on the show too. In my opinion, Season 5 New York was by far the best season of Top Chef. Las Vegas is a close second.

Dessert was vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge syrup. We watch the finale of The Walking Dead. I’m bummed the season is over already. AMC has another winner, for sure!

QUESTION: What is your favorite cut of steak? And are you watching Top Chef All Stars?