turkey burger variations

Bacon and Jalapeno Turkey Burger

Turkey burgers are one of our staple dinners. I’ve posted the recipe before.  In my opinion turkey burgers are better than ground beef burgers. They feel lighter and healthier too.

One of the great things about making our own turkey burgers is that we can do any kind of variation we want.

We’ve done chopped black olives and feta burgers. Jalapeno and Colby Jack cheese.  Well last night we tried a brand new variation: Bacon and jalapenos.

Michael followed the recipe base and then started adding the variations. The chopped jalapenos are often in our burgers. And if you’re worried about them being really spicy–they aren’t. Once the jalapenos are cooked they aren’t spicy at all.

I came up with the idea of adding bacon last weekend. Michael and I split a really good Bacon and Blue cheese burger and I mused on the way home “I wonder if we can add chopped bacon to the turkey burgers?”

I seemed to have planted a seed in Michael’s brain because he really wanted to try it. He chopped up uncooked bacon and added it to the turkey burger meat.

Michael mixed it all together and then made the patties. He made extras to freeze which help a lot with last minute dinners!

Michael cooked the burgers in the skillet and added some cheese to the top.

I made a cucumber salad with oil and vinegar.

Michael ate his burger on a Sandwich Thin and I had an onion bun.

The burger was awesome. It was big, thick, juicy and the bacon added a lot of flavor. Since the bacon wasn’t fried in the skillet ahead of time it wasn’t crunchy in the burger. Instead it just had the bacon flavor.

I’m curious how the burgers would be if we cooked the bacon first next time. The bottom line: this variation is a winner!

And check out who came out last night!


Fat Kitty is on the left and that black phantom next to him is Maya!

And Maya is actually gaining a little bit of weight too. She used to be so tiny and skinny. Old age sure catches up to the best of us……

It’s catching up to me, apparently, too. Every doctor/nurse I saw last week with my injuries asked me first and foremost “How old are you?” Um I’m freakin’ 30. Not old enough to be falling apart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It was really annoying and quite insulting.

QUESTION: How old are you and how old do you FEEL? Tell me something that makes you feel younger.