Reach the Beach

On May 15th of this year, I am competing in the Reach the Beach bike competition! It is my first. My boyfriend Michael is doing the full 100 miles. I, however, am doing 55 miles. The 55 miles starts from Salem, Oregon and ends at the beach.

I’m looking forward to challenging myself. I know I can do it. I got a new bike a few weeks ago. It’s an entry level Raleigh road bike (my first road bike). This weekend is supposed to be sunny in Portland. Michael and I hope to go for a long bike ride in preparation! If the weather continues to cooperate, we will be spending most weekends training.

I have to raise $100 in order to compete in Reach the Beach. All of the money goes to the American Lung Association. Here is my website for it:

I’m excited and also nervous! It will be the longest bike ride I’ve ever done. Michael and I have done day rides in the past that were around 30 miles or so. I’ve heard the leg of the ride I’m doing is fairly flat, so that’s promising! πŸ™‚

I will be posting pictures and my training log.

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