32 Things – Update #1

Here is the first update! What have I accomplished so far? Actually quite a bit! I bounced around on the list instead of going down the line. Here is my update:

1. Finish the rough draft of my memoir.

Done! That was such a happy day when I finished it. Then I tackled the rewrites. I spent hours, days, weeks reading, editing, correcting my corrections and having several good friends read through it. The edits are entered. I’ve added a few bits and pieces here. But the rough draft is ready for me to start shopping around. Next up: working on my book proposal!

4. Donate items I don’t use anymore, downsize.

It felt so good to get rid of STUFF! Especially clothes that I rarely or never wear anymore. Or don’t fit. I tend to have about 3 different sizes of clothes and I needed to just part with the stuff that was too big.

8. Wine taste at wineries I’ve never been to.

Yes! I recently tried a new winery in Hood River that I had never been to and really enjoyed it.

13. Learn how to use my new camera.

Can you believe that something as simple as a cheat sheet could make using my new camera even easier?? Thank you so much to Michael, who sent me this awesome cheat sheet! Learning just a few tricks with my new camera has helped so much and I also have Lightroom now, which fixes the little mistakes in lighting I make.

20. Go to a museum.

Done! I’d been wanting to see the Titian exhibit at the Portland Art Museum for months and finally went. Michael and I spent my birthday there, exploring as much of the museum as we could in half a day. It was a really nice and special birthday.

25. Take a class that is NOT fitness related.

So hard for me! I rarely have time for classes these days, especially if they aren’t fitness related. But I love learning and wanted to enrich my life a little bit. I bought a Living Social deal for a photography class and I immediately decided to do that. I chose the Manual Photography class. It was a great class!

I also took a few other classes. One was about ADD/ADHD at PSU and another was a photography and art lecture at PSU. I love that I’m enriching my life by taking classes that interest me.

27. Enter some writing contests.

For the better part of January and the beginning of February, I was working my little butt off to enter the Pacific Northwest Writers Association writing contest. I used to be a member of the PNWA (and briefly the Screen Writers Guild) when I was a teenager. My mentor, Luanne, suggested that I enter part of my memoir into the contest. I looked into the contest and was immediately excited about doing so. I worked so hard editing, rewriting, glossing up and proofreading the first 30 pages of my novel to enter as the submission. I also had to write a synopsis (synopsis = the worst part of writing a book).

15. Go to Vegas

WOOHOO! Trip was desperately needed and thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you very much airline miles!

30. Make some new friends.

Why yes I have! And some I hope to meet in real life soon!

29. Take a day trip to the beach.

Yep! If you remember, I surprised Michael with a birthday present of an oceanfront room in Newport.

I’ve been rather slow in my goal achieving so far this year. I think part of that is because some goals just have to wait for summer or fall. Hopefully the next update will be more productive!

QUESTION: How are you doing on your goals for 2012 so far?

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  1. This is such a fun idea!

    This is the first year I have written down goals and I’m doing a pretty good job at keeping them! There are many in progress and will get to be checked off soon 🙂

  2. Hmm 2012 goals… must be something in the water because I was just thinking about where I am on my yearly goals. Maybe because it’s already JUNE!

    Doing good though, except for weight loss. But there’s time. I love the idea of taking a photography class. I really need a new camera. I’m noticing more and more my tiny purse camera just isn’t cutting it!
    Alison recently posted..A little math

    1. I know! June already? Oh my gosh. The year is half over. I’m suddenly feeling the crunch. 🙂

      You should definitely get a new camera. I LOVE love love my DLSR. It’s so much fun to learn how to use it.

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