The Biggest Loser

Last night I got on the bike trainer and watched an episode of The Biggest Loser.Β  The only season I’ve ever watched of The Biggest Loser was Season 5 when Ali won (I believe the first woman winner).

I have mixed feelings about The Biggest Loser. I like the show; I think ANYTHING that inspires people to work out and get healthy is amazing. I guess my problem with the show is that it’s not realistic for EVERY DAY PEOPLE like me. I couldn’t go to essentially a Fat Camp. I work, I need to pay my bills. And not only that, most people can’t spend 5+ hours a day working out with a personal trainer. No wonder they lose immense amounts of weight so quickly! I feel like someone wanting to lose weight on their own will be disappointed by their smaller — and slower — results. Despite those reservations, I do like show and think it’s amazing that people can lose that much! What does everyone else think of the show?

I did 50 minutes on the bike trainer and then spent about 6 minutes stretching and doing my Foam Roller. I burned 451 calories.

Good Workout

The Foam Roller kind of hurt last night! I worked my shins and while I had no pain in my shins beforehand, I noticed that while I was rolling my shins felt really tender! Weird!

We had a friend come over for dinner last night. Michael made his famous Mac n Cheese! Soooo good!

Crusty Topping

His Mac n Cheese is my favorite. I’ve never had anything better than this!

Mmmm Cheese

Our friend brought some broccoli and I steamed it.

Sorry It's Blurry!

Dinner really hit the spot! Dessert was my other favorite thing: Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches! They are huge and only 140 calories?!

Skinny Cow

This morning (Wednesday) I had Scottish Oats for breakfast and my lunch is a ham sandwich with fresh veggies:

I’ve noticed lately that I am craving REAL FOOD. I attribute it to the bike training that I’ve been doing. I just want to eat fruit, veggies and MEAT! So strange!

Kat over at Granola + Pancakes ( tagged me in her post, so here goes! πŸ™‚

1. Who is your style icon? Um…no idea!

2. What is your favorite book? I’d have to say “Eat Pray Love.” I read it at a time in my life when I really related to it and I’m looking forward to the movie!

3. Favorite Party Theme? My friends used to throw a great Halloween Party called “Heaven and Hell”. Upstairs, she was dressed as an angel and the decor and theme was heaven, downstairs he was dressed as a devil with the appropriate decor. It was fun!

4. Favorite Outdoor Activity? HIKING! And biking is a close second. Oregon has lots of fantastic, picturesque hiking!

5. Something You Cannot Live Without? Probably my iphone. πŸ™‚

6. Living Person You Admire? Probably my friend Robyn. She joined the Army at age 36ish and kicked ASS in all her PT competitions!

7. Greatest Fear? Gaining back all my weight.

8. Favorite Meal? Either Mexican food or sushi.

9. Which Talent You Would Most Like To Have? The ability to speak multiple languages. And be able to do the Butterfly Stroke!

10. Greatest Achievement? Losing 110 pounds on my own.

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  1. I used to watch the Biggest Loser, but now I am not a fan. I just don’t think it is realistic and I think it sets up a very distorted view that you have to work that hard, all the time, to lose. I also think that slow and steady is what works. A balance is needed and I don’t think moderation is taught on that show.

    1. Excellent point! And losing weight that fast usually means a LOT of loose skin. Which means surgery. I am happy I lost my weight at the slow pace I did. I don’t have a lot of loose skin.

  2. I haven’t ever watched The Biggest Loser because I knew someone who worked on the show. She quit because she couldn’t take it and after hearing some of the things that really goes on with the contestants…I will NEVER watch it. Ever.

  3. I agree about the show- and I think encouraging people to sit in front of the tv for 2 hours is counter-productive. My BF has worked on reality shows before and from what he says there is very little reality in it and is guided by the producers. I still watch TBL sometimes though.

    I LOVE the heaven and hell party idea! It makes me wish I had two floors!

  4. I watched the show every week for the 5 Seasons and loved it as it kept me motivated during my 100+ pound weight loss journey, however I can’t watch it anymore as it is just to “commercial” and there is way to much “drama” in the show now! I miss all the REAL health tips and see what the trainers had the contestants due that I could copy myself at the gym. =(

  5. I’m not a fan of reality TV (except for Top Chef-LOVE it) but I thought TBL would be inspiring. The one season I watched it was, but I agree it’s too commercial and “directed”. And people are more about the “game” and “strategy.” What about just losing the weight??

  6. I try to watch it every week. I do see the hard parts and the happy parts and the drama of reality t.v. it motivates me every single time for the following day. But now-a-days I just watch to see who was voted off so I could see their transformation. You know the before and after πŸ™‚ I don’t do anything they do, I just run and too many plans throw me off my journey. But all in all everyone I know started changing their lives over time due to the show. But I think all that skin is a consquence of lack of paitience. Alrighty,

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