Belated Date

I had yesterday off from work and I had been looking forward to having the day for “me” for weeks! Well, we woke up to snow on the ground! I wasn’t sure yet if that was going to change my plans for the day. Michael made us breakfast (sweet potato, onion and sausage hash topped with eggs).

He drove Logan to daycare and I got dressed to go to the gym. When Michael got back, though, he said it wasn’t safe to drive yet. The roads were clear of snow but they were icy and he slipped a few times. Scary!

I still wanted to get my workout in and I had a massage scheduled for the afternoon so I couldn’t wait til then to work out in hopes the ice melted. So I did an at-home workout! I did body weight exercises, free weights, kettlebells and then finished up with 22 minutes on the bike trainer while I watched the new “Queer Eye” on Netflix.

I did squats, pushups, my PT exercises, mountain climbers, plank jacks, kettlebell swings, bicep curls, triceps, and core work. For being at home and being limited in what I had available, I got in a decent workout! 400 calories is pretty good!

Next I showered and we drove out to IKEA to get some stuff for the house (more on that in another post). The roads were clear by then, so that was nice.

We had originally planned on going out to lunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day (since we kinda spent it in the ER last week). We went to Screen Door and it was at least an hour wait for a table. The line was crazy! We decided to just leave and went to Smokehouse Tavern instead.

I’d been craving a Bloody Mary for awhile now. It was pretty tasty! We lucked out and it was Happy Hour all day since it was a holiday! Sweet! We got the Deviled eggs appetizer. I always order deviled eggs if they are on the menu. It’s always fun to see the different ways they make them.

The smoked sausage on top was spectacular. Next time we both want to order the sausage entree.

We both ordered the meat + two sides lunch. I got the brisket and the pulled pork with collard greens (my favorite) and mac n’ cheese. Michael got the brisket, pulled pork and ribs plus fries.

The food was pretty good. I think I prefer Reverend’s BBQ in Sellwood. Their food is better. But the pulled pork was delicious and succulent. It was a nice, quiet, relaxed lunch. It wasn’t too crowded (definitely not like Screen Door) and we had a leisurely meal and then headed home.

Next up was my massage. I try and go once a month since insurance covers a certain amount and it’s been really beneficial for my various aches and pains due to working out. I really feel like regular massage has helped keep me from being injured. My massage was fantastic and I fell asleep during part of it.

Later that night Michael picked Logan up from daycare and we hung out playing with his cars and watching the Olympics. It made me want to watch “The Cutting Edge”! I haven’t seen it in years and I used to LOVE that movie!

I might be doing that this weekend. 😉

Excuse: “There’s Nowhere to Work Out”

The first post in this series covered this excuse: Excuse: “I Don’t Want to Look Dumb”. This post is about another excuse: not having a place to work out. It could be about money, or safety or simply logistics of where you live. But if you’re trying to figure out How to Exercise Regularly, continue on to the following suggestions.


If you live in a neighborhood that is not safe or not fitness-friendly (i.e. no sidewalks or parks, etc) you DO have options. Try getting a friend to join you–safety in numbers! (Finding a Workout Buddy) And if spending money on a gym isn’t in your budget, you can still get a workout in. You just have to get creative at home.  Does your house have stairs? Try running up and down them. The original stair master. 🙂

Buy some free weights, a medicine ball or a kettle bell. All of those options are excellent for your home gym and you can spend just a little bit of money and be set for a long time. If money is super tight, try doing jumping jacks and a jump rope in your yard! You’d be surprised at how quickly you get tired and sweaty with some jumping jacks.

The Nike Training Club app is for smart phones and it’s free! Free is awesome and it’s a fantastic program. It has so many different workouts and they are broken down into focused groups–i.e. ab workouts, shoulder workouts, etc. You can choose the intensity of the workouts to fit your abilities. It’s a good resource for people who don’t have a gym membership or want to workout at home instead. I’ve even used the app while on vacation when I didn’t have access to a gym. It was great!

Maybe you don’t have a gym or fitness club near your home, but what about work or school? Colleges often have gyms or pools for students for a nominal fee. If there’s a gym near your office, try going during your lunch break or right after work.

Get a bike trainer! It’s a fantastic way to workout at home while watching TV. 😀 If you have a bike, getting a trainer is a good next step. It’s excellent for nasty weather, too, when you don’t want to bike outside.


Another good suggestion is to join a group. There are so many options out there. There are running groups (check out your local running store); there are hiking groups (check out Mazamas, REI or other outdoor stores for a bulletin board); check out groups like Meetup or MeetIn for other fitness groups. It’s a great way to get motivated, stay motivated and make new friends!


There are many many ways to get in fitness. Just recently when Michael and I were on vacation in Seattle I was worried that the hotel gym wouldn’t be good enough (or would be too crowded) to use. I was thinking of backup plans–go to a local gym, look for a YMCA, do the Nike Training Club app in the hotel room…I was prepared and that made it harder to just NOT workout because I’d made the decision I was going to find a way.

The point is, don’t give yourself an OUT. You’ll always find excuses and it just comes down to how badly you want to get healthy, lose weight, move your body. Excuses can be disregarded if you have a plan! I found this post that is very helpful for building your own gym,

How to Get a Cheap Workout: 8 Ideas for Building a $100 Home Gym. Check it out! Craigslist is a goldmine for discarded workout equipment. Peruse the listings and build your own cheap gym at home.

QUESTION: Do you struggle with the “Where” to workout excuse?