Does It Feel Different?

Before we got married I had a lot of friends tell me their experiences of the whole wedding thing (because the wedding is very different than theΒ marriage and I feel like in this day and age with the wedding business and pinterest we sometimes forget that). I would say that it was about 60-40 on people who told me that they felt different after tying the knot. I was surprised by the friends who said it didn’t feel any different, but yet at the same time I wondered if I would fall into that category. I mean, let’s be real — Michael and I have been together for 6.5 years, we’ve lived together for over 5 of those years. We had a honeymoon phase, we had a rocky phase, we had the “we’ve been together for a long time now” phase. Then it was the wedding phase.

The wedding phase was the planning part (which was 14 months after we got engaged) and the wedding instead. I would have liked a shorter engagement butΒ C’est la Vie….This was a strange time because it was all very new, it was VERY stressful, there was a lot of anticipation and just a lot of unknowns.


The wedding day itself was very surreal and mostly a blur of chaos and a roller coaster of emotions (which also surprised me – again, we’ve been together for so long already!). Did I feel any different after we said “I Do”? Nope, not really. I guess I felt calmer and more relaxed. I could stop PLANNING everything. That was a huge relief.

Then we went on our honeymoon. It still didn’t really feel “real.” Basically it was like we were on a really nice, long vacation. A dream vacation, really. But we were so busy splashing in the ocean, laying on the beach, and exploring Maui (and eating A LOT) that I don’t think either of us really put much thought into the fact that we were now married or that anything should feel any differently.

Robyn's Birthday
(He slept on the beach a lot. I read and swam.:) )

Maui was great, don’t get me wrong. But I started to get a little homesick for my fur-babies. We both missed Bella terribly! She was staying with her foster mom and having a great time, especially with her dog Kona, Bella’s BFF. Bella was on a puppy vacation!

Now that we are home I’ve been kind of taking it easy and trying not to plan or do too much (trying to hold onto that Maui bliss as long as possible). I am starting to ruminate on what I want to do, though. Now that I don’t have to do ANY wedding planning anymore (YAY) I can get a hobby! It was astounding just how much time the wedding planning took. Between meeting vendors and just all the details, any free evening or weekend was booked with that stuff. It really does take over your whole life, even if you try to avoid it.

I’d like to get back to Bella’s training. Sadly we didn’t have tons of extra time to work on tricks and training for her. Now that we have more time I want to get back at that. I especially want to get her to the dog park at least once a week to get more socialized. She’s doing so much better than when we first got her but she still gets skittish and nervous with a lot of other dogs.

I’d like to get into gardening. Specifically I think I want to try growing succulents. I saw so many amazing succulents in Hawaii and that’s something that we CAN actually grow here in Oregon (wish I could grow some plumeria and palm trees but I guess I’ll settle for this…).


A friend has actually started growing succulents and offered to give me some of her cuttings and I really want to try it. I hope I can make it work. I’m okay with growing vegetables but not really flowers…time will tell!

Another goal for this winter: Michael has agreed to take a dance class! I am super excited about it and will be looking for classes soon. I took a ballroom dancing class ages ago and learned all the basics! I definitely need to re-learn it. I’m more interested in learning maybe salsa dancing or something along those lines.

Yoga. I need to get back into the groove of that and I’d like check out some local studios. I take yoga at my gym and it’s not quite the same experience as doing it at a yoga studio where that’s the only thing they do. I never really get that blissful, enlightened feeling while people are dropping weights and grunting and talking loudly right outside the yoga room at the gym…

Volunteering. I miss it! I used to do it a lot. Before I met Michael, in fact, I volunteered at a cat shelter every weekend. Michael and I volunteered together at The Pixie Project and it was a lot of fun. Now that I have some free time I’m going to start up again.

After being back for a bit I went out with my cousin Anna for a beer. We saw a band at an Irish pub here in Portland and then met up with some of her friends. This was the first time it kind of felt DIFFERENT. I was talking to someone that didn’t know me or Michael and I had a moment of pause when I almost said “my boyfriend Michael” then corrected myself and said “my husband”. And it felt WEIRD. Very weird. I am not used to it yet. πŸ™‚

Okay married folks, did you feel any different?

Good Weekend Eats

If you are just catching up on weekend reading, check out the awesome Chicken Enchiladas we made on Saturday.Β  Or the super yummy ravioli dinner Michael surprised me with on Friday.

Yesterday I had a yummy snack of grapes, sliced cheese, stuffed olives and a few pita chips.

It was a good snack to tide me over until dinner.

Dinner was kind of a lazy affair last night. We had a bunch of leftover rotisserie chicken from the Chicken Enchiladas. We hadn’t intended to eat chicken three nights in a row, but that’s what happened!

Neither of us wanted to cook anything so I made big salads.

Lots of fresh veggies:



-Green Onion

-Yellow Peppers



-Leftover Chicken

-Some leftover bacon πŸ™‚

I also added some cottage cheese for a little extra something.

It was a good, light dinner for two lazy and tired people! πŸ˜‰

QUESTION: Do you ever feel too lazy to cook? What’s your favorite lazy meal?

Ashley over at Fashionably Fit commented on yesterday’s post:

“This is a great post and something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Does weight loss have to be at the center of your identity to succeed and maintain your healthy weight? Or at some point do you go on to be a β€œnormal” person with a β€œnormal” attitude about food? Weight loss and fitness are certainly not my only interests, but they do take up a lot of my time and thoughts.”

Thank you Ashley! It was a very insightful comment and it was nice to have someone articulate exactly what I had been feeling and thinking. I’m still trying to figure it out.

I know that I pushed myself really hard this year. Resting is a normal part of exercising. I’ve been re-evaluating my life, my hobbies and interests. Take out fitness from that list and I’ve got a list of sedentary activities:



-Watching movies

Hmmm…I’ll figure something out!

Maybe it’s time to really buckle down and try to write a book.

In case you were wondering: Yes, I am sore from Saturday’s weight lifting!! OUCH! πŸ™‚ I hope I’m less sore tomorrow so I can head to the gym and do another workout!

QUESTION: How often do you lift weights?