Another Happy Hour

Last night after work, I met a few friends (Greg, Tim, Megan) for happy hour. We went to The Original Dinerant in downtown Portland. It was a funky little upscale “diner.”

Happy Hour

I had one glass of Pinot Grigio. My friend Tim got the goofiest drink: some kind of whiskey with root beer! It arrived in this glass:

We ordered food. The menu was a little strange but interesting. Their Dog of The Day was a little too bizarre for me to try: hot dog with pico de gallo and cheese sauce? Ick! I got the veggie burger instead and a side salad.

Awesome Veggie Burger

The veggie burger was FANTASTIC! Probably the best I’ve ever had. I couldn’t figure out what bean it was made of (maybe chickpeas?) and it was so tasty. The salad, however, was NOT good. How do you screw up a salad? I swear they dumped a gallon of salt on my salad. Really? Salt?

Icky Salad

My friend got the Pigs n Blanket:

Pigs N Cheese

Sorry the picture is blurry. It looked really yummy and I kind of wish I’d gotten that too. 🙂

When I got home, I made Michael a few miniature chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

1 Serving = 3 cookies


So far this week, I ran on Wednesday AND Thursday. I think that’s the first time I’ve run two days in a row. I’m feeling pretty good! My thighs are a bit tight and sore. I stretched in bed this morning and my legs felt really good.

QUESTION:  What is your favorite happy hour food/drink? How often do you go out?