A few months ago, I mentioned I had a CT scan on my sinuses because of all the horrific sinus infections I’ve been having. I had a consultation with a surgeon on the phone when I got the results back and then I had an in-person consultation/second opinion with another surgeon in December to talk more about a potential surgery. I was kind of on the fence and kept going back and forth on whether or not to do the surgery.

Then mid-December I got a cold and it turned into a sinus infection (of course) and it never really went away. It kept coming back. I decided to do the surgery. (The sinus infection came back at Christmas, then again after my birthday in January and then for Valentine’s Day and then finally I went back to the doctor at the end of February because I was super freaked out about my upcoming surgery and they gave me super duper antibiotics that probably killed everything in my body……..) Since December I basically got 2-3 week breaks where I wasn’t sick or on antibiotics and the rest of the time I was sick with a sinus infection. UGH!

I wasn’t really looking forward to surgery. No surgery is great. (I’ve had two previously surgeries for other things.) But I couldn’t really get a good idea on what the recovery was going to be like. Everyone that had sinus surgery had a different experience–some had super easy, great experiences with not a lot of pain or bad experiences post-op. Some had horrific pain and horrible after experiences. So I guess it was like childbirth. Everyone was different and everyone had a different experience.

My surgery was scheduled for Monday, March 25th. I was really hoping the surgery would be first thing in the morning, since I was fasting for it, but unfortunately I had to arrive for check in at 11am! Boo!!! I set my alarm for 2:30am so I could eat (8 hours before arrival time) and I’m glad I did. I had a protein shake, some leftover pizza from Logan’s birthday party and strawberries.

That morning, Logan went to daycare and Michael went to work for a half-day. My parents were in town to help. My dad took me to the hospital and then Michael met us there.

I don’t handle pain pills or anesthesia well (historically I get really really sick and throw up). So they brought out all the big guns. They gave me every anti-nausea medication known to man (I’m not even kidding) plus a patch to wear for a few days.

I got checked in to pre-op and had bloodwork done, got the I.V., met the two anesthesiologists, a nurse that would be with me the whole time and my surgeon. Then Michael and my Dad came back for a few minutes before it was time to go back.

It was weird…I’ve had surgery twice before and I remember them getting me set up in the operating room and then putting a mask on me and telling me to count backwards then I’d fall asleep. This time I was awake and aware of everything and then all of a sudden I was waking up in post-op! It was crazy! My surgery was 2 hours I guess.

So I tried to warn them that I have a hard time recovering from anesthesia and everyone was like “yeah yeah everyone does” but then they actually got a taste of it! The recovery process was supposed to take an hour, but it was more like 3 for me. We didn’t actually leave the hospital until almost 7pm and they had to give me a shot of ephedrine (I think?) because I was having such a hard time waking up. My heart rate and pulse would drop too low. (I told you so!!)

That part was not fun.

We got home and I was famished. Diet be dammed this week. I had half a bagel with cream cheese, a piece of pizza, some strawberries, tons of water and a protein bar. Then I got ready for bed.

I wasn’t in a ton of pain, so that was good. It was mostly just really uncomfortable and gross. I will have the gauze on my face for a little bit while I bleed. I’m supposed to do the sinus rinse three times a day, take it easy, and then next week I go back to the doctor and get the splints taken out.

Runner Problems


Sometimes it feels like when you’re a runner you are part of a tribe. When you are injured, it can be just as emotionally painful as the injury is physically to not be a part of that tribe anymore. When I was REALLY into running, pre-injury, back when I was doing things like Hood To Coast, I felt part of a bigger community. My friends were runners. We talked about races and went for runs together. We complained about common runner problems and laughed because we could ALL relate. I missed that camaraderie when I took a break from it.

Now that I’m back at running, I am feeling like I’m slowly coming back into the fold of the tribe. Things I’d forgotten about returned and made me smile and laugh because I was like, “Oh yeah! I remember this!” So this post is about some of those “oh yeah!” moments that I know you runners out there can relate to!

You’re always hungry. Like always. The more I run, or bike honestly, I get this insatiable hunger that just doesn’t get satisfied. Eating smaller meals every two hours or so works well! GIMME CARBS!

Not being able to run for any reason. See above. When you can’t run, it’s all you think about, all you want to do. I remember there were many runs where I was lethargic and hated every minute of it and wanted to quit. But once that goes away, you really want it back–even the crappy runs! I’ll take anything!

My favorite running shoes are never on sale. Ever. I keep looking. I scour the internet, running stores and Amazon for deals. Once in awhile I find older versions of my favorite shoes for less money but not very often! Another runner problem? Wearing out shoes so quickly! Check out this post: Is it Time for New Shoes?

Needing to wear compression socks but it’s sunny and they look weird with shorts and skirts…Yeah, compression tights and socks are just not cute. 😉

Obsessing about the weather at all times–too hot? Too cold? Will it rain? Sometimes it’s kind of fun to be caught out in a summer rainstorm but most of the time I’d rather not run in the rain. Especially in the winter. Here in the NW you have to obsessively check the weather (sometimes hourly) to see if it will rain.

You’re not embarrassed to wear spandex–in fact, it’s more comfortable! I don’t know about you but I prefer running shorts that are more form-fitting/spandex style because it prevents chafing! Long ago I got over feeling embarrassed about wearing it. Especially when I need to wear my compression tights. 😉

You get jealous when you drive by runners, wishing you were running!


Finally, the runner’s high. It’s real, it’s awesome, and when your high wears off it’s kind of a bummer!

What are some of your “runner problems”?