Stevie Update

I wanted to give an update on Stevie. You can read the original post about his ordeal. Since then, he’s had an infection, been back to the emergency vet a few times and was partially reblocked. It’s been very emotional and stressful and I never got too comfortable, because I knew we were going to have to make a choice.

Over Labor Day weekend, Stevie got sick again. Sunday morning I woke up to a lot of blood. I took him in and he thankfully wasn’t blocked again (it had been about a week since he was partially blocked the last time) but he had an infection again from the crystals and the vet said he was going to be blocked again. He also said Stevie was the most severe case of this issue he’d ever seen.

I felt so discouraged. I had hoped he was getting better, but, he wasn’t. The stuff we’d been doing was just a bandaid. So now it was either euthanasia or the corrective surgery to fix the issues.

If you don’t know much about this issue, and if you have male cats–READ THIS. Basically, it’s one of the most common issues in male cats, and deadly if not caught in time.

I decided to do the surgery. The emergency vets in Tualatin are awesome. They have been great this whole time and I never felt like they were trying to up-sell me or charge me for things. They were very understanding about how expensive this stuff is and how to cut some costs if they weren’t necessary. The vet called around because it’s a specialist that has to do the surgery and found one he likes that was available.

Stevie had surgery Sunday evening and then stayed in the hospital overnight to recover. Everyone that’s met Stevie loves him. <3 All the vets say “Oh my god your cat is so sweet, I love him.”

Stevie came home Monday mid-morning. He’s in a cone for two weeks. We have to make sure he heals properly and doesn’t run or jump, basically take it easy.

He’s doing well so far. He’s getting more energy, though, and doesn’t want to be cooped up in the bathroom by himself anymore.

I set up Logan’s baby monitor in the bathroom so I can check on him. 🙂

I’m glad we did the surgery and I am hopeful. I am hopeful, too, that we can soon relax.

I’m Still Here

Life is crazy. Work has had a lot of layoffs (never good). I’m ok for now but that was stressful. The house selling process is stressful. The original buyers were flakes and our house went back on the market. Thankfully we got another offer right away so we are pending again, hopefully will close at the end of this month and be done with all of it. UGH!

The big news, Logan had surgery last week. He got tubes put in his ears.

We got his hearing checked a few months ago after some concerns and it turned out he had some hearing loss. He has a lot of ear infections when he gets a cold so it’s a combo. We met with ENT and they suggested that we get tubes. It would help with the ear infections and the hearing loss. Thankfully his speech has never been effected by the hearing loss, but we have noticed some behavioral stuff (like not participating in things at school, probably because he couldn’t hear very well).

Surgery was obviously not something we WANTED for our 3 year old, but it was in his best interest. They were able to fit us in pretty quickly and the surgery itself is like 5 minutes long, and he’s only under anesthesia (gas) for maybe 10 minutes. It was still one of the most stressful things ever!!!!

Thankfully Logan LOVES the doctor. He is so fascinated by doctors and all of that stuff. He was a hit with all the nurses. 😉 He got a car and a stuffed bird. It was cute. He was so curious about all the stuff they did for pre-op. I wonder if will be a nurse or doctor someday! 😉

The hardest part of this whole thing (Because seriously, it all went so quick we didn’t have a chance to worry much)…was when he came out of surgery/anesthesia. Apparently it’s normal for toddlers/little kids to have a rough time. It was SO BAD. He was hysterical and inconsolable for over an hour. I know he was probably confused and scared and feeling the effects of the anesthesia. It was so upsetting. 🙁

We went home and Logan was still weepy and indecisive. I asked if he was hungry, he said he wanted toast, I made toast, he said he didn’t want to eat, that type of thing. He was also glued to me. So I carried him into bed with me and made him lay down on me until he finally fell asleep! We napped for about 2 hours. Thankfully.

He woke up feeling better. He ate lunch. He was ready to lay on the couch with me and watch movies. He was acting a bit more normal. Good! He was back to his normal self by the next day, so that’s good!

Over the weekend we went for a run and Logan biked, so he was definitely back to his normal self!

He also got to go to the movie theater for the FIRST TIME to see his favorite, The Lion King. 🙂

We went to the river and he threw rocks into the water, his new favorite thing. 🙂

I’m glad he’s back to his normal self so fast. Glad we did the surgery. Hopefully this winter when cold and flu season starts he’ll skate through it without too much issue because of the tubes! (And I hope I do too, because of MY surgery!)