I Miss Milkshakes

I’m feeling really tired today. I walked at lunch today simply because it was so beautiful outside! I didn’t want to waste the sunshine.

The Park

It was a nice, 55 minute walk to the park and back. For lunch I had leftover Mac n Cheese again and a Fiber One Bar.

I took a picture of an onion last night.Β  I’ve seen tiny sprouts in onions before but never like this! Has anyone seen something this weird?


On another note…When I was 250 pounds, I absolutely LOVED Burgerville. That was my fast food weakness. I’d eat there at least once a week. I’d get the Tillamook Cheese Bacon Burger – 680 calories – with fries of course, 360 calories. And my absolute favorite was their Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake.

Chocolate Shake

Their shakes are amazing. Made with real ice cream, and they only use fresh, seasonal fruits (the raspberry milkshake is awesome). So good. Anyone want to make a guess as to how many calories are in this amazing shake?



CARBS: 117


900 calories for a milkshake?! For you Weight Watchers out there, that’s 21.5 points! I think most people have about 25 points for an entire day!

Once I knew how to count calories, I never had another Burgerville Shake again. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t consume half of my daily calories in ONE drink! I do miss the shake. Maybe one day I can have a sip on someone else’s! πŸ™‚

QUESTION: Is there something you will never eat/drink again now that you know how many calories are in it?

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  1. WOW. I had no idea how many calories the Burgerville Shakes had! That is so incredible that you are able to control yourself and stay away, because I don’t know if I could do that. I certainly will start sharing them now though! By the way, I stumbled on your blog from a Twitter #fitness mention and I think it’s really great what you have done for yourself. Bravo!

  2. I still follow WW and I eat 20pts a day. That is quite the calorie count for a shake. Have you looked at the nutritional info for Claim Jumper. I will never eat there again.

    1. I ate at Claim Jumper ONCE. I will NEVER go back. The portions are INSANE and even the salads were fattening. There’s not a single item I could order there. I feel the same way about Red Robin.

  3. Red Robin used to be a favorite place for my family to go. Not anymore. Any place with “unlimited fries” is not such a good place for those who eat healthy.

  4. As a Weight Watchers person who has 21 points per day, I still eat the things I love (such as McBreakfast and Red Robin). I just eat it MUCH LESS frequently. On WW we get 35 buffer points for the week and if I feel like I really want a bad food then I eat it slowly and enjoy it as much as possible and I know it’s okay because I have buffer points and I can eat within my daily range the rest of the week.

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