Grilling Season is Here

We went from this gorgeous weather on Saturday:

Waterfront Loop

To this rainy gloom on Sunday:

On Sunday, Michael and I had planned on taking my parents hiking after breakfast. We woke up Sunday to pouring rain, once again! The hike was canceled and we went out to breakfast and then to visit my aunt’s house out towards The Gorge. Their house is right on the river and they have amazing gardens. They’re currently working on a vegetable garden (I’m envious) and their landscaping is always topnotch. I wish I had the time to do something like that with our yard!

It was a nice weekend and after my parents headed home, I went to the pool to get in a swim. The pool was unpleasantly cold. πŸ™

The rest of the afternoon was relaxing. I didn’t do much other than watch some Netflix shows and then Michael and I grilled up some bratwursts for dinner.

Brats are definitely a summer time staple for us. I prepared the asparagus as our side.

Dinner was great and really hit the spot.

I also drank one glass of Chardonnay. It was nice sitting on the back porch while Michael grilled and we listened to the rain. I sipped my drink and enjoyed the quiet.

I also splurged and had some dessert:

QUESTION: Do you eat dessert every day? What do you like?

UPDATE: Grilling tips coming later today!

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  1. I could eat dessert and skip the rest but I don’t. My favorite splurges are brownies (omg), cookies and the occasional ice cream cone but soft serve.

    On the whole though, I do seem to like ending meals with something sweet so I usually have fruit and I’ve been meaning to try just having some flavored tea. There’s a pomegranate one that I love.

  2. I don’t eat dessert every day though I am a choco-holic (I actually have business cards that say “Chocolate Investigator”).
    I am a new reader to your block – up in British Columbia. I love your posts! And the pictures always add a nice touch πŸ™‚

  3. I don’t have dessert after every meal, but I always have it at night. Sometimes pudding, sometimes warm oatmeal with icecream on top (try it, its like warm pie), but I always leave plenty of calories or points left for dessert. I look forward to it.

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