March 2013 Goals

I don’t know how I feel about my February goals. I guess I kind of succeeded. I feel lackluster about them because I didn’t really enjoy the gluten and dairy free challenge. I didn’t feel any differently, I didn’t see any visible changes and it felt fruitless. However, I did successfully do it for 25 days.

As for the running goals, that’s a big fat zero. I had a flare up of my knees, I think my IT Band was aggravated by the orthopedic massage and so I greatly reduced the amount of lower body activities I was doing. I did try Body Pump for the first time and liked it so much I did it a few more times after that. I will definitely keep going to classes when I can make it.

February Goals

1. Go dairy-free and gluten-free for February.

2.Β Get β€œreturn to running program” built up to 1.5 miles.

3. Volunteer my time.

Volunteering…yep! I did. Michael and I took the orientation for the Pixie Project and became volunteer dog walkers. I am so glad we did that.

On Tuesday of this week we went to the Pixie Project after work and walked dogs for the first time. It was such an enjoyable experience. We were only signed up for 30 minutes but ended up doing an hour. We both got our own dog for the first walk. Michael got to walk Tiki:


Tiki was a boy, some sort of chihuaha or mix. We weren’t given many details other than Tiki was brought to Pixie Project with the dog I walked, Cindy:


I apologize for the crappy photos. It is incredibly hard to take good pictures of animals–especially animals that are SUPER EXCITED to be outside. πŸ™‚ Cindy and Tiki were total sweethearts. They were really excited to go on their walk and their little tiny legs tried to run as fast as they could. They both had to explore everything and smell everything so there were frequent stops.

We took Tiki and Cindy on the route toward a little grassy area by the Rose Garden/waterfront where they sniffed and explored and then we took them back to the shelter. It was so much fun. I loved it. Maybe not picking up the poo, but the rest of it was fun.

After we returned them to the shelter, we got one more dog to walk together. Her name was Winona and she was some kind of chihuaha terrier mix. She had a chihuaha face and the body and CRAZINESS of a terrier.


Michael walked Winona to the park and then I walked her back to the shelter. She was CRAZY, did I mention she had energy?? She wanted to run so badly she was basically hopping on her two back legs. She was pulling on the leash leading Michael to the park. We got there and went down to the waterfront but there was just too much commotion going on. It was rush hour for cars on the street and the bike commuters heading home after work. Also, Winona started barking at a big lab. Apparently she didn’t realize she was teeny tiny and the lab was three times bigger than her. Silly puppy.


I took over on the leash and Winona and I RAN. It was really great and she’d be a good running partner. I was having a hard time keeping up, honestly. We had great fun together, Winona and I, but she definitely had more energy than I think I’m looking for in a dog. She had no slow speed. She knew the word “treats,” though. I fed her a few when she was good and didn’t pull the leash and then when I took over on the leash, Michael gave her treats, too. Winona stood on her back legs and put her paws up like she was begging for snacks.

We took her back to the shelter and we were done for the night. It really was a fun and enriching experience and whatever crap had happened that day disappeared in the park. My focus was entirely on the dogs and making sure they were safe and having fun. I’m really looking forward to our next volunteer time!

March Goals

1. Go to Body Pump classes at least once a week.

2. If knees allow, get back to running.

3. Ger re-fitted for my bike and try to bike outside, weather permitting.

I’m excited about Body Pump. I’ve been enjoying the classes I’ve gone to so far and would love to see some progress.

QUESTION: How was your February? Anything fun planned for March?

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    1. I have a similar goal, Michelle. I’ve been already planning on reducing cardio and increasing strength training. I wanted to do that for February but decided to wait so I wouldn’t skew the results of the dairy/gluten-free challenge.

  1. I have two fitness related goals:
    1. stick with Couch 2 5K program – I’m doing a 5K in early April
    2. do a plank a day

  2. I bet all of those dogs would make great pets with some obedience training. That is a big reason why dogs end up in shelters is because people can’t control them when they never trained them. Kudos to you for volunteering there.

    One of my March goals is getting my bike outside. I usually wait for 50 degrees, but I am going in the 40s because I just want to ride! πŸ˜€
    Lori recently posted..February Wrap Up!

    1. I agree. I’m sure dog training is hard and that’s probably why a lot of people give up and the dogs end up in shelters. Which breaks my heart!!!

      I’m hoping to get my bike outside if my knees are ok and if it’s not pouring. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m curious why you are so keen to get back to running when you have troublesome knees. Is it just because you love to run and miss it terribly? Ok, I can accept that. If it’s something you love then definitely work your way back into it when you can.

    But if you run just for the exercise, there are many methods of training that are far friendlier to your knees. Maybe you should consider pursuing those instead.

    As an FYI, I personally know someone that ran herself into clinical disability. So I get a little paranoid when I see runners trying to run despite all the signals their body is telling them. Not that you are — you clearly listen to your knees. Just sayin’.

    Trevor recently posted..The Short No B.S. Guide to Changing Your Life Forever

  4. Glad you’re loving volunteering with the dogs! They can be so much fun. We have two and they think they are people, not dogs. If I make them go outside to play, they give me the stink eye from the back door… lol.

    I set my goals for March, and I think most of them will be easy enough to attain- lose 5 lbs, lose a total of 60 lbs, lose a total of 9 pts off of my BMI, and don’t charge anything new to my BillMeLater account. Been having issues with excessive spending of money I don’t actually have lately and I want to be debt-free before the year is up!
    Deb recently posted..Thursday Day 503 Food Diary

  5. Dogs are the greatest! They’re always so happy and excited to see you. Does walking those dogs make you want to get one for yourself? πŸ™‚

    I like that you make a list of specific goals for each month. That is a great way to stay motivated. I’m thinking of what some good goals for March would be for me.

    I’m a fair weather runner for sure so I’m really looking forward to the snow melting and the temps getting higher so I can get back out there again. I’m starting to go a little crazy! Is there such a thing as “running withdrawal”?
    Jill @ a Girl in Progress recently posted..Traveling

    1. I had both feelings of wanting a dog of my own and a dose of reality as to how much WORK a dog is going to be!

      I’m a fair weather everything. I don’t want to bike, hike, run or do much of anything in the rain. Unfortunately it rains a lot here in Portland. I see so many cyclists biking year round and I’m impressed. But I’ll never be one of them!

    1. That’s definitely one of the reasons we want a dog. We want to take it hiking with us, if my knees ever cooperate I’d love a dog to take running with me…

  6. February went by really really quickly for me! And March promises to go even faster, with visitors, new pets, more workouts, hopefully, and my first foray into gardening! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Best of luck with your March goals!
    I ❀ 2 Eat recently posted..March Means Lots To Do

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