February 2013 Goals

January was a busy, hectic, fun and goal-oriented month for me. I’ve been working hard at rehabbing my knees and started orthopedic massage, which seems to be helping quite a bit. I’m happy that I am finally moving forward–it may be slowly, but it’s moving. How did I do for the goals I set for January?

1. Limit alcohol intake to 1-2 nights a week only. No. I started out strong but by the last week or so of the month I sort of broke this resolve. It wasn’t necessarily on purpose, I just had a lot of social things and birthday celebrations and…and…you get the point. 

2. Go snowshoeing (if knees allow). Yes! I successfully snowshoed twice! The third time I went snowshoeing went pretty well but the knees got a little cranky by the end of that session. I still call this goal as a success. 

3. Focus on positive emotional health: thinking positive, ignoring negativity, and work on being HAPPY! I tried. I’m still trying. I don’t see this becoming a quick fix, it’s something I need to work on every single day. 

I think January was a success, don’t you? I’m excited for February. As I wrote in this post, I’m going to attempt going dairy-free. I’ve never done it and it will truly be an experiment.

February Goals

1. Go dairy-free and gluten-free for February.

2. Get “return to running program” built up to 1.5 miles.

3. Volunteer my time.

I’ll admit, I’m nervous about my goal to go dairy-free. I hope it’s not all for not. I’m sure I will make mistakes.  I’m positive it will be harder than I think it will be to decipher ingredients and make sure that there is NO TRACE of dairy or gluten in what I’m eating. I encourage you guys to point out possible slip-ups I may make so I know!

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As for the running goal…that goal WAS going to be 2 miles by now but I took a break from running for most of January. I was more focused on my ability to snowshoe and decided to go easy on my knees so I could do that instead. I’m going to get back to the goal of running again. Maybe if I get my running back to normal I can run this race: Catnip 5k. I have about 6 months to prepare for it.

I am so happy to be volunteering again! I signed up with Cat Adoption Team to volunteer my time. Because the shelter is over 30 minutes from my house, I will probably volunteer twice a month and they also need volunteers for their other locations. I’m hoping I can volunteer at a local cat hospital that is a little closer to home. I will keep you guys posted. And be prepared for the occasional cat post. 😉

February Weigh-In

Ugh. I so didn’t want to step on that scale. I knew I wouldn’t like the number I saw. I definitely indulged for my birthday and we ate out a little more than usual in January because we had a ton of restaurant Groupons expiring.

Can I just groan again? UGH! I hated the number I saw on the scale. It was 3 pounds heavier than I was six months ago and about 7 pounds heavier than I wish I was. Starting weight: 147.6. UGH!


QUESTION: What are your goals for February? 

UPDATE: I weighed myself again this morning and apparently in 2 days I lost 2 pounds. Or my scale is broken. Or I was really bloated. Who knows!! My starting weight is really 145.2. Not as bad as I originally thought.

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  1. For February I am attempting a mostly paleo diet, lowering my cardio, and increasing my heavy lifting. I’m hoping to get some more muscle definition and lose some fat. I’m also doing my first ever before/after pics (I still wish I’d done some at the start of this magical 4+ year journey).
    Good luck on your goals!!

  2. Great goals! I think it will be interesting to see how dairy and gluten free go for you. Don’t be discouraged by the scale! Tweaking your diet and beginning a “back to running” program will definitely jump start things in the right direction. 🙂
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance recently posted..Friday’s Five

  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Seems to me like you had a great January, and any progress is good progress, so that’s something I’d smile about!

    I admire your goals, and I wish you the best of luck and diligence for this month! The completely dairy and gluten free seems like a good challenge, if I did that I think I’d have to cheat a little bit, I love my eggs to much! 😀

    Have a great month 🙂
    Nick Goodall recently posted..January Wrap-Up, What I’ve Done

  4. My monthly goals are to get to my goal weight (I’m 1# away!), continue my new healthy routines I’m following with Weight Watchers, and working on improving my Crossfit skills that I can do but not super well. And continue to fit into my wedding dress at the final fitting this month.
    Sara recently posted..Death By Power Cleans 1/31/13

  5. I think you’ve set far more ambitious goals for this month than last. The nice thing about setting such lofty goals is that even if you miss your target, you still end up so much further ahead (not that you’ll be missing any, of course).

    As for myself, I have no goals. Nothing specific anyway. Just keep plugging along and get a little better at something each and every day.

    Trevor recently posted..The 6 Most Damaging Lies You Tell Yourself (and the Hard Truths You Must Face)

  6. After a few months off I’m also committing to running again…5K races in the spring are just too much fun. I also plan to FINALLY reach 100 pounds lost in the next couple months. I’m coming from a 6-month stalemate so I definitely get your weight frustrations!
    Jodi @ Jodi, Fat or Not recently posted..100 or bust

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE milk. Love it. But I got used to not having very much of it when I first started losing weight because of the calorie count. I just wasn’t going to drink my calories. So I’m pretty used to it. But sour cream? Damn. 🙁

  7. Good luck with your goals! I really think you will notice a difference from not eating dairy. Going gluten-free didn’t make a big difference for me, which is why I went completely grain-free, but everyone is different! I’m looking forward to reading your updates on it. Don’t forget you can still order burgers when you go out, just ask for it “protein style” aka lettuce wrapped. Also, you can mash up an avocado with some salt and pepper for an easy, clean and smooth guacamole to replace sour cream. Also nuts work to replace cheese since they can be salty such as sunflower seeds instead of cheese on your salad. My February goals are to continue my exercise routine, go on at least one hike, and finish at least two of my half-finished art projects.

    1. That’s great! The shelter takes food and litter donations, too. I try and do that. I used to do a cat food drive every December in my old office. People donated cans of food that I took to the shelter. It was great.

      You are kicking my ass on Words. Dang!

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