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Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

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  1. mindy @ just a one girl revolution.

    I was totally the same way – low cal, prepackaged, it was good. I did Weight Watchers so anything I could calculate the points on was a plus in my book.

    I have definitely have changed my eating habits in recent years. I recently discovered Greek yogurt and love it!

  2. Beth

    I too only eat Greek yogurt or else nonfat plain if I’m feeling cheap. I love making yogurt bowls with raw oats, different cereals, blueberries or other fruit, cinnamon, peanut butter or almond butter, and then mixing it all together. So good!

  3. slimvictory

    I like most any kind of the 80 to 100 cal yogurts, and have found the WalMart Great Value ones to be as tasty as some of the pricier ones (love the mixed berry flavor). I eat it plain, but sometimes enjoy it with half a graham cracker – neat dessert and great evening snack! I’m gonna try some of your ideas:)

    Congrats on your weight loss! I’ve learned a lot on “the journey”, too. I didn’t need to lose that much, but I had decided when I reached the 20- pound mark (which happened recently), I’d begin a blog. Hope you’ll check it out. I’ve signed up to get your new posts, as I’m leading a healthy weight loss group in our community, and am always on the lookout for things to share:)

    1. hundredtenpounds

      Thanks for checking out my blog! I will take a look at yours. 🙂

  4. Lisa @ My High-Carb Lifestyle

    I stick with plain lowfat yogurt, and I used to add honey or maple syrup but I’ve gotten to like the taste of it just plain with fruit, berries, or granola. I can’t handle the sweetness of the Yoplait yogurts any more either! I love greek yogurt for the protein level but it’s so much more expensive at my grocery store.

    Adding cinnamon is a great tip, it gives it flavor without adding a ton of sweetness.

    1. hundredtenpounds

      They are expensive! I like the Trader Joe’s version of Greek yogurt.

    2. Marie

      1 teaspoon of cinnamon a day will help give good blood sugar

      1. Lisa Eirene

        Yes! I have a friend who sprinkles cinnamon on cooked veggies and swears by it.

  5. Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    Great tips! I usually just eat plain Greek yogurt sweetened with fresh fruit and low-sugar cereal or granola. I actually really like the tang that the plain has!

    1. hundredtenpounds

      The plain is hard for me to take but I think I am learning to like it (when mixed with stuff).

  6. Lori (Finding Radiance)

    Greek all the way! I never really liked yogurt until I tried the greek kind.

    I usually buy plain and mix it with granola and strawberries and a bit of honey.

    1. hundredtenpounds

      I need to try honey. That just sounds great.

  7. lisaou11

    27 grams! WOW! I love Chobani–pretty much all flavors.

  8. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    oooh I too used to be all about ‘ low calorie’ – but now I am all about ingredient lists!

  9. Esther Fox

    First I just want to say that I am a new reader of your blog, and am currently trying to conquer my own weight issues over on my blog. I find you to be an inspiration!

    Anyway, on the topic of yogurt. I recently went to my local Kroger (not sure if you have one near you, or perhaps a store in the same company) and read all the labels for the yogurts. I then came across Kroger’s own brand of yogurt called “CARBmaster.” It comes in 9 or 10 flavors, including vanilla, and its got 3 carbs and 3g of sugar, 80 calories (10 from fat) and 1.5g of fat. I know the Chobani has 0g of fat, but this one has 10 less carbs, so I definitely suggest you try it if you are able!

    Here’s a crappy phone pic:

    Thanks again for being an inspiration!

    1. hundredtenpounds

      I think I’ve seen those at Fred Meyer (which is part of Kroger).

      1. Esther Fox

        Yeah, Fred Meyer is part of Kroger. Either way, they’re really good and cheap too.

  10. tanyasdaily

    Fage greek yogurt for me…….I agree they all taste so different…I don’t like them with a bite and sour.

  11. Marie

    I used to eat Yoplait too, heh. Now I usually buy the Trader Joe’s brand or Oikos. I try to look for brands that don’t have artificial sweetners, because I think they can often be worse than sugar– and tend to give me a raging headache.

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