Star's Tuna Salad Recipe

On Sunday I posted a similar recipe instead of the actual recipe for Tuna Salad. I pleaded with my friend Star to give me her recipe (even though she doesn’t use recipes). So this is what she came up with. Enjoy!


Keep in mind that there are no exact measurements – have fun and make this one your own. Here’s what happens … approximately:

1 large can white albacore tuna (drained … please leave the juice outside for stray kitties)

2 hard boiled eggs – chopped up

1 super sweet onion finely chopped

1 grated carrot

Couple of stalks of celery – finely sliced

A handful of dried cranberries or anything else appealing that happens to be in the cupboard

A yellow or red pepper chopped

A mixture of nayonaise or mayonnaise (low fat)

Sprinkles of pepper

Lavish sprinkles of curry (mild curry is best)

Taste test and add what it needs. Sometimes an addition of sweet relish is good, but keep in mind no everyone likes it. Also – a chopped tart apple is good too if you feel like it.


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