Isn’t it Ironic?

Want to hear a funny story about today?


Trust me, it’s not funny, and I’m not laughing. So yesterday we took Bella to Doggy Daycare. First time back since December when she went and ripped her paws. I’d been wary about her going back but I didn’t want her home alone all day and we had to drop my car off at the shop that night so it was going to be a long time she was alone. I decided it would be ok that she went back to daycare. I even warned the guy that she needs to take breaks throughout the day and kind of watch her paws.

I picked her up after work and she was all smiles and happy tail wags. When I got home I examined her paws and yep. Two paws, ripped again. GAWD!! So I trimmed the skin flap (I know, it’s gross) and put the paw medicine on and then she slept in her crate while we took my car in. She was exhausted after her play day. I was so upset that she was injured again!

We were dropping my car off preemptively. The battery light had come on a few times the last month or two and while it didn’t stay on, I wanted to get it checked before I got stranded somewhere. Smart thinking, right? Friday comes around and Bella is limping so I call in to work and tell them I’ll be late. I take Miss Bell in Michael’s car to the vet.

First the good news. Bella is ok. The vet said I trimmed them up pretty well and she just trimmed a little bit more. She didn’t wrap Bella’s paws this time and said that they should heal into calluses within a week. I asked her why this keeps happening. Is it a puppy thing? Is a breed thing? Are we doing something wrong? She said that some dogs just have soft paws. She examined Bella and said that her paws were very soft and we’d probably be dealing with this her whole life. Hopefully she’ll build up some calluses so that they are a little tougher but don’t hold your breathe, basically. Even better news: it wasn’t going to cost over $100 like it did last time.

photo 1

Bella and I left and I planned on giving her the pain meds, the paw cream and then letting her sleep a bit before taking off for work. It was around 9am at this time. I was driving on the freeway and then all of a sudden Michael’s car died. Like it was still moving at 70+ miles down the freeway but there was no power, no gas, making it move. It kind of lurched forward and then the gas worked again. I kept driving and it did it again. I pulled over to the shoulder, turned off the car and then restarted it. It drove okay for a minute then it did it again. We played this game three times on the freeway and I was finally able to get OFF the freeway and then coast down the street where I could pull over.

Dead car. Long story short, my car was in the shop, Michael’s car just died about 2 miles from our house but Bella was injured so there was no way we could just walk home. The tow truck came (thankfully it was covered by Michael’s insurance) and we got towed to the Volkswagen dealership.

photo 2-1
Bella couldn’t be in the cab of the tow truck so she had to stay in the car. It was a VERY anxious 10 minute drive to the shop. Talk about anxiety. I kept watching the car out the back. I know, I’m neurotic. Dropped the car off and thankfully a friend was available to pick us up and take us home. I am so glad!

Got home, gave Bella some medicine and she took a nap while I went for a run. Thankfully it was sunny and warm outside. I was in a CRABBY mood!! Talk about everything happening all at one time. Crappy! Since school was in session I couldn’t go to the track so I did a run around the neighborhood. I did an old route that I used to do back in the day (minus the longer side streets that are really hilly).

The run definitely sorted out my mood. But I want to talk about the Couch to 5K app for a second. I went to Week 6 on the app and there was a HUGE JUMP. It went from running intervals of 5-6 minutes at a time, then walking, then running again to 20 MINUTES OF RUNNING. The app had me do a 5 minute warmup, then run for 20 minutes, then 5 minute cool down. What?!? That’s kind of a big jump. Why not go to 10 minutes of running with walking breaks? What the hell?

photo 5
So I ignored the Couch to 5k app and just ran outside, listening to my body. I took a LOT of walking breaks but I’m okay with that. As long as I’m not having knee pain on my run I’m happy. The weather was so nice and I was able to forgot about all the crap that happened. I just enjoyed the quiet scenery of the neighborhood, checked out the blooming gardens and listened to upbeat music that makes me happy (ahem, Justin Timberlake).

photo 4
I was about a mile from home and decided I was going to stop at 7-11 for a treat. I tell ya, I needed a pick me up! It was too late in the day for an iced coffee so I got the next best thing and jog/walked the rest of the way home.

photo 3
In the home stretch my hips were tightening up a bit but I wasn’t in pain, so that’s good. It’s amazing how liberating a good run is. I felt so much better about everything in general. Or, I was able to block it out and live in denial and just be in the moment instead of thinking of all the horrible things (that are very expensive) that I’m going to have to deal with. Anyway, here was my stats:

photo 1
photo 2
I finished up my run with about 10 minutes of stretching and yoga poses in my living room. Iced my knees, cleaned up, ate lunch. Bella is napping on our bed. My poor B. πŸ™ So that’s my crappy day. Hope yours was better.


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    1. She’s been napping most of today and just chilling. When I take her outside to pee she lays down in the grass and enjoys the sun. She is doing ok, just slow and lethargic. πŸ™

  1. Poor puppy! My kitties both have reoccuring stuff and it’s so annoying. They are both allergic to fleas so if I’m even a day late defleaing them they are not happy campers.

  2. I’m catching up on all my blogs now that I’m back in town – such a bummer about your car situation! And yeah, I hit the exact same wall with the c5k program. Someone really made a bad choice when setting up the end of week 5 and I found it really discouraging (and impossible to do). So I’m going to reset my c5k program and go back to week 2 or 3.
    bethh recently posted..Back to it

    1. It was very discouraging!! I couldn’t believe it. But oddly enough, I skipped ahead to another week and it seemed to go back to normal. Will let you know next time I run because it SHOULD be an ok pace and not just “run for 30 minutes”…what?!

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