Sep 192014

You are forewarned…this post is picture heavy!


I am really glad I took most of this week off from work! Not only was I recovering from being sick, I had a lot to do. Wednesday I slept in a little bit and then went to the Warrior Room for a morning workout. I hadn’t worked out in 7 days. I’d been sick for 5 of those. I was on the mend and the sinus infection cleared up but I still felt tired. I probably should have taken one more day off but oh well…I went. And realized about half-way through the workout that it was going to be a struggle! I just didn’t have the stamina or endurance. I took a lot of breaks.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house in preparation for guests and doing laundry. I felt okay and then the afternoon came and I could use a nap!


Wednesday night I met Michael and his dad at Trifecta for dinner:


It was the epitome of Portland Hipster but the place was great and the food was outstanding! To start, we got the bread plate with homemade churned butter. Probably the best butter I’ve ever eaten. Michael asked me if I would start churning our own butter after we get married… :P


We shared two appetizers. The first was the homemade pickle plate. It was pickled asparagus, pickles, beets and cauliflower. I loved it. Michael and his dad thought it was too sweet. The cauliflower and beets had a very smokey flavor, though, so they liked those. I’m a fan of anything pickled. :)


We also shared the deviled egg plate. Two deviled eggs topped with smoked salmon–probably the best deviled eggs I’ve ever had–and two that had an eggplant tapenade on top. I wish the photos had turned out a little better because the food looked like art!


Since I’d been sick all week I’ve had zero appetite but have been eating because I know I need to, whether I want to or not. I ordered the house salad with buttermilk dressing and their cheesy grits (one of my favorite food groups). The portions were pretty small, so that was good.



Even just having a salad and some grits I was stuffed. I ate half of the grits and took the rest home for breakfast. :) Michael and his dad both got the double burger with pimento cheese on it. I had a bite of Michael’s and it was good! The fries were crispy and salty and perfect, too.


What a cool restaurant. Casual, hipster vibe, several patrons with handlebar mustaches (no joke) and great service! This place was definitely a winner and I will be back for sure. Michael dropped his dad off at the hotel and I was home and in bed by 9pm. I could not wait to sleep!


Unfortunately I tossed and turned until 2 am when I finally fell asleep… :( I was very tired on Thursday! Thursday morning I hit the gym for a quick workout. It was short and I took it easy, even though I was feeling better. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical and then spent the rest of the time in the sauna and steam room trying to sweat out my illness!


Then my brother and his wife and my parents arrived! Most of the day was free. We had some last minute wedding stuff to finish, so they helped with that. Then we just hung out for a little bit. Played with Bella, took them to Powell’s Books. :)



Thursday evening we took them to Podnah’s Pit for dinner. My brother and his wife live in Philadelphia and he’d seen the restaurant on TV (maybe Diners, Drive-ins and Dives?) and asked if we could go. I was happy to oblige considering it’s the best BBQ in Portland and almost as good as Franklin’s BBQ



I got the brisket, coleslaw, cornbread with honey and collard greens that were cooked in bacon fat. To die for. Thankfully there was a ton of leftovers so that was going to be my lunch on Friday! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed dinner.

They all went back to the house and I met my friend Christine. I hadn’t seen her in a few years, not since Michael and I went to Tucson on vacation and I was able to meet up with her. She and her fiance met me at Bailey’s Taproom for a drink after they flew in to Portland. It was so good to catch up! Especially before the wedding when I knew I’d have limited time to spend with everyone.


By Thursday evening I was feeling a lot better and getting my appetite back but I was still not 100%. I had a half pint of the IPA on tap and called that good. I ended up staying at the bar almost two hours catching up with them. It was so great! Bailey’s Taproom was a cool place and had a humongous rotating beer list that was on a big screen TV. Like super digital. Impressive!


Friday morning I slept in (thankfully) AND slept like the dead–apparently I needed more rest still, then I went for a short run/walk in the neighborhood with my brother and his wife!

photo 4
photo 5

It was nice to spend the morning with them and catch up a little. :)

photo 3

Next up: mani/pedis! My mom, my sister in law and cousin/bridesmaid Anna went to the spa and got manicures and pedicures (they were desperately needed too). It was nice to just relax and be pampered. Then off to the venue for the rehearsal! So that was my week. This time tomorrow I’ll be a married woman. ;)

Sep 082014


I haven’t been weighing myself consistently this year. I had gained a few pounds over the winter due to a lot of stress eating and while I only weigh myself once a month, I even quit that. I wasn’t giving up, I wasn’t quitting what I was doing (i.e. counting calories and exercising) I just needed a break. I didn’t want to deal with it.

I didn’t get on the scale again for a number of reasons. Part of it was that I just forgot. Life got busy and I missed the window in November to weigh myself and get an accurate number so I decided to just skip it. The other reason was the holidays. Blah, blah blah….Thanksgiving, Christmas, cookies, pie, candy….I just didn’t want to see that number. I told myself I’d wait until after Christmas but then I changed my mind.

Denial does not work with weight loss and maintenance. Seeing the number on the scale is a (sometimes brutal) reminder of where I am at and whether or not I’ve been LAZY about my food. Those CREEPING CALORIES add up. I finally decided to get back on that scale.

Just to recap my disappointing winter/spring…January I weighed 149. Still under goal weight. But too high for my liking. Fast forward to April and I weighed 147. Some progress. I was feeling a little better about seeing that number instead of the first. In May I got down to 146. Feeling okay! Moving in the right direction! Then…I stopped getting on the scale. Between May and August I gained 1 pound. I was back to 147. I was disappointed for sure. I had hoped that I would get back down to 145 (how much I weighed last summer at this summer).

While I wasn’t entirely focused on the wedding, it was in the back of my mind. During this last year I was engaged, I had a few ups and downs about my weight. Sometimes I felt pressure to lose weight for the wedding. Sometimes I felt okay with my body the way it is. With the wedding less than a month away, I admit I have had more of those feelings…Less than a month away! Can I lose any weight? Then I chastise myself and think, Why? This is me. Why would I try to lose a bunch of weight for one day?

And to be honest, my dress fits so I am kind of ok with where I am at.  

I was talking to some other weight loss maintainers on Twitter recently and both of them confessed to weighing daily. One blogger said:it’s not for everybody… But to me just data, scale should not be a surprise to me.”

I chimed in and said that I couldn’t do that because it makes me mental. Seriously. I got super obsessed at one point where I was weighing myself all the time and whatever that number on the scale said, my entire day and mood could be ruined. It held TOO MUCH control over my life and emotions. So I quit and decided to weigh myself once a month to check in. That works for me (usually).

It got me thinking. If I weighed myself every day would it change my outlook? Would I think about the scale in a different way? Would it have less power over my feelings if I just sucked it up and got on the scale every morning? A few things could happen:

First, it could make me obsessive again.

Second, it could make me less sensitive to the number on the scale.

Third, I would see massive fluctuations from day to day and perhaps that would take ALL of the power out of that number because I would see just how fluid weight is.

Lastly, weighing daily COULD lead to emotional/binge eating.

So many things can effect the number on the scale that don’t necessarily indicate weight gain. You could be retaining water, you could have sore muscles that are trying to repair themselves and holding on to water. You could be dehydrated. You could be constipated. You could have eating especially carb-y foods, or foods that cause inflammation in your body. It could be anything. And, of course, weight gain.

Seeing the changes every day could really take the sting out of it. I am considering trying this. Maybe for one month just to see if it changes my outlook. (Obviously not right now, maybe after the wedding.) Then I think…does it really matter? Is it an accurate gauge of your health? I mean, if you are counting your calories or points every day, eating right and exercising on a regular basis, you shouldn’t HAVE to monitor that number so closely.

How often do you weigh yourself?