Jul 102014

This will be the last post of the Couch to 5k series until…I run my 5k! I can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to it and while I’m a bit nervous about it because my training is going so slowly, I’m excited to be part of a race again.

Week 7

Sunday 4 mile hike
Monday Rest Day
Tuesday Warrior Room
Wednesday 3.16 mile run/walk
Thursday Rest Day
Friday 1.25 mile Swim
Saturday Weight lifting, 1.5 miles on elliptical

Reflecting back on my progress I am a little discouraged at how slow I was with the training. Having to do multiple weeks over again slowed me down and made it hard to progress. I think I was being over-cautious. I wrote about the huge jump in the Couch to 5k app before. I really didn’t like how much of a jump it was. It went from running around 8 or 10 minutes at a time to 22 minutes! Basically just a 5 minute warm-up, the run, then a 5 minute cool down.  I disliked this because it made me feel inadequate and I knew I wasn’t really for a big jump like that. As a result I haven’t been using the app much now.

Week 8

Sunday 3.01 mile run
Monday Rest Day
Tuesday Warrior Room
Wednesday 2.93 mile run
Thursday Rest Day
Friday 1.87 miles on the elliptical, followed by yoga
Saturday 1.75 mile run treadmill, weight lifting

This is the time I started to freak out. I looked at the calender and realized the 5k was only a few short weeks away. I started to panic. I over-analyzed the entire training program, I criticized my progress and was kicking myself or not forcing myself to do 3 runs each week no matter what. Had I done that, I think my training would have been a lot further along. But at the same time, it also could have lead to injury. So who knows.

Week 9

Sunday 1.25 mile swim
Monday Warrior Room
Tuesday Rest Day
Wednesday 1.20 mile stairmaster, weight lifting
Thursday Rest Day
Friday Swim 1.125 miles
Saturday Warrior Room

This week was hard. My knee had a flare up that last about 5 days and really depressed me. I took a break from running and did other things. I was glad I could go back to weight lifting. My hope is that all the cross training I did with the Warrior Room helped prepare me even though I couldn’t fit in 3 runs a week on a consistent basis. Here was the final week before the race:

Week 10

Sunday 1.50 mile run on treadmill, followed by yoga
Monday Rest Day
Tuesday 3.49 mile run!
Wednesday Biked to work 14.64 miles
Thursday Rest Day
Friday Swim 1.125 miles
Saturday Warrior Room Boot Camp

The run I did on Tuesday -3.49 miles was great! I was unsure about knees because I was coming back from that really bad week. I told myself I’d go slow and just see what happens. I went to the neighborhood track early in the morning and had a lovely run as the sun was coming up.

I ran for 1 mile and then walked one time around the track. Then I ran 3/4 of a mile without a walk break. My knees were doing okay and that was encouraging. I walked the long way back to the house and ended up getting in almost 3.5 miles in.



Lots of stretching and preventative icing of the knees. I felt really good all day long, too. After that week I had about 5 days before the race. I took it fairly easy. I went to the Warrior Room, I did some yoga and swimming. I skipped doing any gardening the day before the race because I’ve made THAT mistake before!!! I wasn’t feeling confident going into this and knew I would have to walk some of it. I hoped that it wouldn’t be too much…

Stay tuned for the race recap!

Jun 122014

Poor Michael, he threw out his back on Tuesday and went home early to rest/recover. I went to the Warrior Room Tuesday night for a workout and he seemed to be doing a little better. Wednesday morning he messaged me at work saying he couldn’t get up and wanted me to take him to the ER. I left work and rushed home. Thankfully his sister was able to come over and check on him because it was going to take me awhile to get home. She was able to help him back to bed but when I got there he couldn’t move at all because the back spasms were so bad!

I couldn’t move him to get him to the doctor so we got him comfortable and hoped it would improve. Besides, if we went to urgent care they wouldn’t have been able to do much but give him pain pills and muscle relaxers–which he already had. I spent the day at home taking care of him. All the animals helped. Bella cuddled with him in bed and even Fat Kitty tried to help (he’s really good at comforting when I’m sick or hurt).

Poor Michael. I felt so terrible because there wasn’t much I could do. :( I kept him company as he laid in bed and we watched half of season one of True Detective. Wow! What a good show! It was a little slow at first but I could tell the atmosphere and dark character development was building up to something and by episode 4 I was on the edge of my seat!

I’d already had plans for that evening and Michael was okay just laying in bed for an hour, so I didn’t cancel my plans. My friend Robyn came over and we went for a run/walk around the neighborhood. She’s the friend that is doing the 5k with me. She’s a much better and faster runner than me but it was really hot out so that slowed us down. I appreciated her kind of going at my pace.

It was nice to have a running buddy and that we could kind of catch up on things while we got a workout in. We did a run/walk/jog thing. We’d run for a few minutes and then walk the hills. It was a good little workout and got in a little over 3 miles, so I was happy with that. We headed back to the house and walked to cool down and then we sat outside on the shaded deck to cool off with some iced tea.


She left after that and I checked on Michael. He was still laid up but at least the back spasms had stopped for a bit. I made us dinner, baked salmon with lemon and fresh dill, and Brussels sprouts. I LOVE fresh herbs and am currently obsessed with dill. I need to find more things to put it into. Maybe even try and plant some dill in my garden. Anyways, dinner was good and we just kind of chilled for a bit.


Today Michael is going to the chiropractor and to his doctor to possibly get a cortisone shot in his back. I hope that helps and he improves soon. I hate seeing him in so much pain! I feel helpless. :(