Not Quite Paradise

Saturday we tried to go to a hike on Mt. Hood, Enid Lake, but the directions we had weren’t great and we couldn’t find the trailhead. Instead we ended up doing Paradise Park and Little Zig Zag Falls. The Zig Zag Falls were really pretty and an easy walk from the parking lot. The whole “hike” was a little over half a mile round trip.


The mini falls were really pretty and if you got too close to them it was FREEZING! There was a little picnic area and that was about it. The trail ended. I posted a short video on Instagram of the falls.



We went back down the trail and then drove down the road a bit to a trail head for Paradise Park.


You walked through a primitive campground to get to the trailhead and then the trail went through old growth trees and the ground was covered in lush green moss.

The first part of the trail was pretty flat and you walked on soft ground, which was nice. We were the only people on the trail. Then it started going uphill and there were some switchbacks.



It was a lot steeper than we were expecting and our hearts were pounding. I talked to my chiropractor and he thought that my back injury was an accumulation of my back feeling tight, sitting in the car, and then doing a steep hike with an incline–where you are forced to lean forward as you climb. And that did me in.


Despite my back issues, the hike was okay. There wasn’t a stunning view, the climb up the side of the mountain kept you in the trees but you got glimpses of the area around you through the trees and you realized just how high up you were.

We stopped to rest and have lunch (I had a PB&J sandwich), gave Bella some water and continued up the trail a bit. Then I decided I’d had enough and we turned around. It was easier going back down but my back was still bothering me.

We did just under 4 miles and I burned 507 calories. Then my back went out. 🙁

You guys know the rest!

As of today I am feeling a LOT better! No back spasms since Sunday night. I went to the chiropractor Monday afternoon and got a massage yesterday. I’m back at work and glad I have a standing desk, I think that’s helping. So far so good!

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

12 thoughts on “Not Quite Paradise”

    1. I think it was a combination of things…back feeling tight, sitting in the car, carrying a heavy back pack (I carry water for Bella and Michael has a camelbak for us) and then the steep incline. I’m thinking maybe lighter backpack and maybe start experimenting with hiking poles.

  1. My husband used to have the worst back problems and twice I had to call an ambulance because he literally couldn’t move – he was a big guy then – maybe close to 300 pounds so it took three guys to wheel him out of the house and the wince of pain he felt was nothing I would wish on anyone. 🙁 Glad your critters kept you company!

  2. Such a bummer! Spasms and back pain are THE worst; glad to hear it has improved. I second the hiking poles- also can be a godsend for knees on the downhill and they are quite helpful with stream crossings and tricky footing.

    Also, Paradise Park on Hood is absolutely INCREDIBLE if you ever get there. It’s a long hike no matter which way you go, and I don’t recommend the trail you were on (boring forest slog), but rather starting from Timberline Lodge. You can hit up the ZigZag Canyon overlook for a really beautiful, but shorter (aka reasonable, lol) day. Sometimes it’s nice to make new memories, especially after an injury.
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    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m hoping I can wait for the next REI member coupon but I may need to get some poles sooner than that. We’ll see.

      Agreed, the area we hiked wasn’t too scenic. I’ve seen pictures of Paradise Park near Timberline and it looked gorgeous!

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