Feb 042014

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my food. I figured the new readers would be interested to see what a typical day for me in maintenance mode would look like. To be honest it doesn’t change a lot. I found things that worked and stuck with it. I try to add some variety to it here and there but honestly, this post is pretty typical of what I eat each day.


Lately I’ve been obsessed with hard-boiled eggs. I used this recipe to make perfect hard-boiled eggs and I’ve been doing a batch on Sunday nights for the upcoming week’s breakfasts. I like it because it’s a change from my normal two fried eggs and toast breakfast and it’s also pretty filling.


Breakfast lately has been 1 hard-boiled egg and a piece of gluten-free toast. Sometimes I put jam on the toast, sometimes cream cheese. Today it was a hard-boiled egg, the toast with cream cheese and a little buffalo sauce drizzled on top (don’t judge, it’s SO good). I have a glass of homemade, unsweetened iced tea with breakfast and then a cup of coffee with creamer when I get to work.

Total Calories Today: 331

Morning Snack

My mid-morning snack doesn’t change much. It’s usually an apple. I find that satisfies my sweet tooth and curbs the hunger between meals. The fruit changes with season. In winter it’s either satsuma oranges or apples. Summertime is fresh, seasonal berries.

Total Calories Today: 70-80 calories depending on the size of the apple


Lunch during the week is routinely leftovers or my old stand-by meals: salad, soup and crackers, leftovers from dinner the night before, sometimes frozen meals when I’m in a rush (the Trader Joe’s Indian food lunches are fantastic!).

Today for lunch I brought a salad. I’ve been craving veggies and while the house is currently low on vegetable options, I made it work. I had a mixture of green leaf lettuce, spinach, roasted sunflower seeds, red onion and broccoli. I topped it with half of a can of tuna fish.


Because this isn’t super filling, although the tuna helps, I added a string cheese to my lunch. I had a few pieces of candy, too.

Total Calories Today: 400

Afternoon Snack

This is a pre-gym snack. I’ve tried a whole lot of different things to figure out what works best. I need something to take the edge off my hunger without filling me up too much so I can hit the gym after work. Pre-swim snack is usually some plain Greek yogurt with raisins or fresh berries.

Other snacks have been 1 graham cracker with peanut butter on it, or hummus with raw veggies. These seem to be my go-to snack because everything else I’ve tried failed. Bananas are TERRIBLE–they leave me a starving, shaking mess.



This day I had a graham cracker with half a serving of crunchy peanut butter and topped it with a few Craisins. I had about 1/3 of an Almond Milk to wash it down. It was a little higher in calories than I normally have for a pre-gym snack.

Total Calories Today: 220


Dinner was a quickie-type meal. We don’t eat a ton of pasta but lately we’ve been having it more often because it’s quick and easy and we found some gluten free pasta that actually tastes really good. I measured out the dry penne with a kitchen scale so there were two exact servings–which was weird because even though the servings were correct, when everything was cooked it seemed more like three servings of food instead.

While the penne was cooking, I browned some leftover spicy pork sausage in the skillet and then added two handfuls of baby spinach to it until it was wilted. Then I added Four Cheese Pasta Sauce from a jar (totally not creative but did the trick for a fast dinner). I poured the al dente penne into the skillet with a teeny bit of the pasta water to cut the pasta sauce and mixed it all together.


I wasn’t a huge fan of the jarred sauce but at least it was so mild that I didn’t really notice it. The flavors of the spicy sausage and spinach were what I tasted primarily. I’d make this easy dish again but I’d probably use a red sauce next time.

Total Calories Today: Around 650 


Dessert is a must for me. I TRY and limit it to 200 calories or less but sometimes I splurge. We have a freakin’ huge bag of M&M’s from Costco that we’ve been working through. That was dessert for me!

A serving size is 1/4 of a cup. I always measure it out. It’s easy to eat much more than a serving when you just grab a handful.

Total Calories Today: 230


Michael joined me for a workout at the Warrior Room! He bought the Groupon and even though he’s been doing kettle bells on his own at home for years, I think it’s great he checked it out. He got some tips on his form and he LOVED the gym! I’m happy to turn him on to something fun and new.


It was weird working out together. While we do activities together, we don’t really workout together. He cycles (and is faster than me) with me and we hike together (I’m faster than him) and that’s about it.


Total Calories Burned Today: 539!

The Totals

It was a decent day of eating for me. My calories for each meal in this post is pretty standard for most days, just the type of food varies from day to day. So how was the total breakdown?

Calorie Goal for the day: 1700

Calories eaten for the day: 1901

Calories burned for the day: 539

Calorie Total After The Gym: 1362

I’ll admit that I probably ate healthier on this day because I was taking pictures of everything. Where would I have gone “wrong”? Probably having random bites of candy at work after lunch. That has been my downfall for a long time. It’s hard to resist the candy when it’s right in front of you. Chewing gum helps me a lot. Overall I’m happy with the calories for the day. If I want to lose any weight, I need to take a look at the carbs and sugar I’m eating AND create more of a deficit in my calories. Even 50-100 calories can make a big difference!

How are your eats lately?

Nov 112013

My bff and maid of honor, Rachel, took the Bolt Bus down to Portland from Seattle on Friday night. I had an appointment after work and then hit the pool before picking her up downtown. It’s been awhile since we’ve hung out! The last time I saw her was back in June when I went up to Seattle for a girl’s weekend. I’ve been so busy all summer long with stuff and wedding planning and she went to Europe for a few weeks, so it felt like we hadn’t talked in years.

We grabbed dinner and a glass of wine at Al-Amir in downtown Portland. It’s a Lebanese restaurant that had really good reviews online but it fell flat for me. The food was fine, it was just rather boring. I’ve never had Middle Eastern food that was bland. All the other Lebanese restaurants I’ve eaten at in town have been bursting with flavor and spices and smelled wonderful. There wasn’t anything¬†wrong with the food we got, it just wasn’t special or memorable. We skee-daddled as soon as we were done with our glasses of wine.

It was Friday night and while back in the day we would have gone out and partied and stuff, we were both tired and looking for something low-key. We went back to my place and Rachel got to meet Bella. Rachel and I ended up having a few more glasses of wine at home while we caught up and chatted and played board games.

Saturday morning the three of us went out to breakfast. I skipped the gym and we went to the J&M Cafe in SE Portland. The thing about Portland restaurants and weekends is that I LOATHE going out for breakfast. I want to go. I love breakfast. I crave something decadent like French toast once in awhile and homemade doesn’t do the trick. But I absolutely hate the Portland culture of standing in line for OVER AN HOUR to get a table for breakfast/brunch. I just don’t understand it. I don’t like it and will not wait in line for that! J&M is pretty good about not having super long lines and I think we got there early enough (by 9am) that we beat the “brunching” crowd.


I drank a lot of coffee. And I ordered the special: Eggs Benedict on toasted English muffins with a thick slice of ham in between it. The eggs were perfectly poached and I’m pretty darn sure that Hollandaise sauce was made with several sticks of butter…!!! It was so rich. I ate about 90% of the breakfast and then couldn’t finish the rest. It was decadent but I only order something like that a few times a year, so it’s not a big deal. Gotta splurge once in awhile.

We discussed moving to Mars and then planned a possible “squatchin” outing next summer. Then after breakfast we parted ways with Michael and us girls were off to do girly things! We had the whole day to do stuff so we hit a bunch of different bridal shops all over town–including David’s Bridal, some consignment shops and some really cute boutiques in Beaverton/Tigard. I was on a mission. I wanted to find a birdcage veil, a fascinator or hairclip for the wedding that matches my dress. I knew I could find one. I just had to find the RIGHT one and the right color (not white).

photo 4
photo 2
photo 1

We drove all over town! In the end, we ended up at the consignment shop where I bought my dress, Richele Kay Bridal, and that’s where I found the one! It was cool that that was where I found it because I really liked that store. They were so friendly and had great customer service. Several of the places I went to had terrible customer service. The fascinator I found matches my dress AND it was on sale! $24! SOLD.

photo 3
No, that’s not it. I’m not having a Little House on the Prairie wedding. :) On the way back from Beaverton I took Rachel by the venue. It was all locked up but we were able to look through the windows and she got to see what the place looks like. It was exciting!

Finally it was almost time for Rachel to catch the Bolt Bus back to Seattle. I took her to the Heathman Hotel bar for a snack and a drink and some chit-chatting to kill an hour. The Heathman usually has really good food and top notch service. Not sure why it wasn’t quite top-notch this time, but oh well.


Rachel got an Irish Coffee and I got a glass of the house Pinot Grigio. We shared an order of the spinach dip. It was pretty tasty but there wasn’t very much food. It was like 1/4 of a normal portion. I get that it’s bar food but…it was slightly disappointing. More for Rachel because she was going to be stuck on the bus during the normal dinner time and that teeny tiny amount of food wasn’t going to cut it.

Sadly it was time to part ways. The bus was there and we said our goodbyes. It was so good to spend some time with my best girlfriend. I miss living in the same city. We used to spend so much time together! Then she moved to Montana and I moved to Portland…funny how life turns out. Anyways, she was on her way to Seattle and I went to the gym.

photo 5

It was actually rather nice going to the gym at such a random time of day. Apparently it’s completely empty on a Saturday at 4:00pm! I got in a weight work out and then my motivation started to fizzle. Maybe because I was tired or it had been a long day but I wasn’t really feeling like running or using the elliptical. I called it quits and headed home to relax.

It was a good whirlwind of experiences and I’m glad I got one more thing on my wedding “to do” list done. I was also really happy to be home Saturday night in my PJs with Bella cuddling on the couch after driving all over the place all day!