Aug 122015

Saturday we tried to go to a hike on Mt. Hood, Enid Lake, but the directions we had weren’t great and we couldn’t find the trailhead. Instead we ended up doing Paradise Park and Little Zig Zag Falls. The Zig Zag Falls were really pretty and an easy walk from the parking lot. The whole “hike” was a little over half a mile round trip.


The mini falls were really pretty and if you got too close to them it was FREEZING! There was a little picnic area and that was about it. The trail ended. I posted a short video on Instagram of the falls.



We went back down the trail and then drove down the road a bit to a trail head for Paradise Park.


You walked through a primitive campground to get to the trailhead and then the trail went through old growth trees and the ground was covered in lush green moss.

The first part of the trail was pretty flat and you walked on soft ground, which was nice. We were the only people on the trail. Then it started going uphill and there were some switchbacks.



It was a lot steeper than we were expecting and our hearts were pounding. I talked to my chiropractor and he thought that my back injury was an accumulation of my back feeling tight, sitting in the car, and then doing a steep hike with an incline–where you are forced to lean forward as you climb. And that did me in.


Despite my back issues, the hike was okay. There wasn’t a stunning view, the climb up the side of the mountain kept you in the trees but you got glimpses of the area around you through the trees and you realized just how high up you were.

We stopped to rest and have lunch (I had a PB&J sandwich), gave Bella some water and continued up the trail a bit. Then I decided I’d had enough and we turned around. It was easier going back down but my back was still bothering me.

We did just under 4 miles and I burned 507 calories. Then my back went out. :(

You guys know the rest!

As of today I am feeling a LOT better! No back spasms since Sunday night. I went to the chiropractor Monday afternoon and got a massage yesterday. I’m back at work and glad I have a standing desk, I think that’s helping. So far so good!

Aug 032015

I had a lot of grand plans for Saturday. Originally Michael and I were going to meet some friends downtown for the Flugtag and we’d discussed riding our bikes down there to get in a workout. Then Portland had a streak of 100+ degree weather and by Saturday I had zero desire to go ride my bike in that kind of heat and then sit outside unshaded for several hours then to bike home. Michael agreed. His commute home Friday in 103 degrees was pretty miserable.

Instead I headed to the gym. I did my warm-up and then my weights. This was my routine:

Kettlebell swing (traditional) with a 25 pound kettlebell 
Bent Over Row (30 pound bar)
Calf Raises
1 Leg Romanian Dead Lift
Bicep curls
Chin Ups

Then it was time for abs:

My physical therapy ab work: the Cobra, the crunch/hold, glute bridge with leg up, bird dogs and planks on my elbows. After doing 40 minutes of weight training I did a 2 mile run on the treadmill. It wasn’t the greatest run, I did a lot of walking, but it was okay.

After the gym I was famished and craving a cheeseburger (and had been for several days). Michael and I had a little date for lunch at Foster Burger. Thankfully they had icy cold air conditioning, too. I love the art work at the restaurant–band posters. It’s a fun walk down memory lane and Michael having grown up in Portland had been to a bunch of the shows posted on the wall.


Probably not the Vanilla Ice one, though. :)


We shared an order of fries. They were okay–not as good as the Little Big Burger truffle fries! I also had an iced tea with lunch.


I got the Foster Burger with American Cheese, sauteed onions and tons of their “special sauce.” Their burgers come on these AMAZING brioche sesame buns from Philippe’s Bread. I love that they use a local bakery for their buns and these buns are so good. I need to make a trip to this bakery to see what else they have.

After that I went to the grocery store to stock up on some snacks. I took some suggestions you guys had and got some higher protein options. I picked up some granola, avocados, mini bagels, hummus and some cucumbers and a bunch of fruit. I’m going to experiment with some combinations to see what works. Like having a string cheese with the fruit, mini bagels with the hummus or avocado. We’ll see what works!


This time it was Michael’s craving. He wanted pancakes so we had pancakes for breakfast! He makes them about once a year. It’s not something we have often (in fact the pancakes I had at my family reunion recently were the first ones I’d had in a few years I think). I was happy to go along with his craving.


They turned out perfectly! He used bread flour. I feel like they were thicker and fluffier than normal. So tasty!

After that I went to the pool. It’s been about three weeks since I’d been swimming and it felt sooo good to get back in the pool. I hadn’t lost it, either, so that was good. I did 2000 yards in just under 50 minutes. My hamstrings were so sore and tight–the squats and running combo does it to me every time. Then I spent the rest of the day doing relaxing things. Like a pedicure and reading a book. Perfect Sunday. :)



Baked lemon and dill salmon, kale salad and a baked sweet potato. Around 600 calories total.