Nov 022015


For our anniversary I bought Michael tickets to a Blazer game. I had a hard time coming up with something and wanted to think of something fun and not practical (which is what we usually end up doing–Lowe’s gift-cards for every occasion!) and the first anniversary is paper so…game tickets!

Well a month after celebrating our 1 year anniversary we finally got to go out and celebrate! I guess the game I got tickets for was the opening game of the season (shows you how well-versed I am with sports).


Even though we were pressed on time, we went out to dinner first. It wasn’t quite romantic…quickie burritos at Taco Del Mar…and after sitting in rainy traffic for a long time to get to the venue we were in our seats just as they were singing the national anthem.


They were giving out free stuff and every seat had a free t-shirt (nice!) and Michael got those glowing foam stick things. LOL The game started out great and even though I guess most of the team is brand new players, it was a fast-paced, fun game. The Blazers were doing GREAT! They scored like 50 points in the first half of the game! So exciting!


We had a FABULOUS time! It was such a fun game and it was a nice date night. We definitely want to go to some more games this season. I forgot how much fun it is going to a live game. (I hate watching sports on TV.)

It was a late night but a fun one. :)



All week I was dragging ass. I was so sleepy (like about to fall asleep at my desk during my lunch break every day). By Friday I was starting to wonder if I was getting sick. I went swimming and felt ok. Saturday I woke up, felt okay. Went to the gym and did weights and the elliptical. A normal sign of my body fighting off an illness is a high heart rate and poor recovery when I workout. It never fails–except this time? I have no idea. Being pregnant I am definitely not myself. My heart rate is wonky all the time. It’s either really, really low, or high or just all over the place. So that wasn’t necessarily a good sign of what is going on in my body.


I took it easy for most of the day after the gym. Was just feeling tired and it was pouring rain so it didn’t make me super active either.

I was kind of a Scrooge this year. I¬†love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday, and I have tons of awesome decorations. I used to decorate and every year I say I’m going to throw a Halloween party…and then I never do. This year I just wasn’t feel motivated to do much of anything!

I did get Miss B a “costume.” ūüėČ



My little Candy Corn! And I didn’t want Fat Kitty to feel left out…




We watched “Scream” (hadn’t seen it in years) and handed out candy to the kiddos in the neighborhood, even though it was pouring rain. Poor kids! They were all soaked in their costumes.


Happy Day of the Dead!

Thank goodness for DST! I got an extra hour of sleep and was actually awake early enough to go to yoga. I haven’t been to the Sunday class in awhile–now I remember why I stopped. The class is super packed–like everyone on top of each other. It was really annoying. But I did yoga, ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill and called it good. I was still unable to shake the sleepiness but so far I haven’t gotten sick. I guess this tiredness is just pregnancy??

I spent Sunday doing not much of anything. The evidence:



Netflix, colored pencils and trying to stay awake because it was the middle of the day! I hope this tiredness goes away soon. ZZZZZZZ

Oct 272015

My weekend was TOO SHORT. What about you??


Saturday morning Michael surprised me by making a delicious breakfast! Scrambled eggs with sweet potato hash and bacon. Delish! Then it was time for the¬†gym. I did about 40 minutes of weight lifting — mostly upper body– chin ups, shoulder presses, push-ups, lateral raises, chest press, pec-fly, planks, etc. Then I did some squats and finished up with a run on the treadmill. I use the term “run” loosely. It was jog/walking mostly. I’d run at a fairly slow pace until my heart rate was getting close to 150 and then I’d walk for a few seconds to let the heart rate get back down. ¬†It sucks to be so slow but honestly running is getting a little bit harder.


After the gym I met up with my friend Erika for a much-needed¬†pedicure. We hadn’t hung out in awhile and it was really nice to spend some time together and catch up. And getting some pampering is always good. :) I get pedicures about every 5-7 weeks. It’s one of the little splurges I do for myself that make me feel good. It started as a reward for myself as I lost weight and just kept up with it! Sometimes it’s the little things. And I know as I get bigger this winter and I eventually won’t be able to SEE or REACH my toes, it will be a nice treat.


Then Michael and I went to a friend’s house for dinner and games! Michael’s friend recently started teaching him pinochle so Friday night he gave me a crash course in the basics and the plan was for the four of us to play. Dinner was delicious– kobe beef burgers with bleu cheese mixed into the patty, grilled and on the most¬†amazing¬†buns– Maui Onion buns! I’ve never had these before and MUST find them for the next time we do burgers because they were so tasty. Sweet and savory and wonderful.


Loved those buns! Dinner was great and then we got started with the game. We played a few rounds open-handed so I could learn. Then we got started for real.


It was a lot of fun! Kind of a hard game to learn. I struggled with the scoring, betting and melding but understood the “how to play” part. If that makes sense. By the end of the evening I was starting to get the hang of all of it but I definitely need more practice. I’ve played a lot of card games, Spades being my favorite, and I think knowing how to play Spades or Hearts helped understand the concept of this game a little easier. Still, I need practice for it to really stick.


Saturday was a late night (like 11pm! lol) and I was a bit tired when I got up. I was feeling really unmotivated but got my butt to the gym anyways. I did 4.5 miles on the elliptical and then went home to be lazy!


It was a raining Sunday and I wasn’t feeling like doing much! So…lots of Netflix. :) I do want to mention that last weekend we finally saw¬†The Martian! It was REALLY GOOD!! I was a little nervous because I loved the book and they rarely do as good a job with the movie version…but I felt almost like the movie was better than the book! The cast was superb. The action was great. It was really well done. I highly recommend it!

Okay, back to the weekend. Sunday evening it was time for my Book Club meeting.

book club

I got a mozzarella/tomato/pesto panini for dinner. It was pretty tasty. I don’t eat pesto very often because it’s such a calorie-bomb, but it is one of my favorite type of sandwiches. We ended up just hanging out and chatting and only talking about the book minimally. :) That was okay. It was nice to just hang out.


The rest of the evening was low-key (watched the Walking Dead, wasn’t a fan of the episode) then early to bed. I’ve been feeling tired lately and trying not to get too run down. I have a jam-packed week this week (that I was kind of dreading) and I’m already looking forward to next weekend…

Seen any good movies lately?