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Michael worked hard on getting the house ready for the baby over his Christmas break. He was home for two weeks and tackled the monstrosity called our garage. When I moved in 6-ish years ago the spare bedroom became a guest room with my bed (the antique canopy bed I inherited) and nightstands, and the closet was packed with stuff I didn’t have anywhere to store. Old momentos, seasonal clothes, various things. My wedding dress sealed in a box. It just kind of became cluttered. I slowly started getting rid of things, donating a lot of stuff, and Michael sold some things. It still wasn’t making much of a difference.

Here is the “Before”, amidst the cleaning and purging of stuff:




The room is pretty small. Over the New Year holiday we worked on cleaning out everything and donating more stuff. Then Michael patched the holes in the wall and we tried to figure out paint colors. After awhile the colors all looked the same to me. I couldn’t really decide. Some were too white, too yellow, too dark…

In the end, Bella picked the color for us. 🙂




Michael did a GREAT job painting the room and rented a carpet cleaner to clean all the carpets in the house. What a huge difference that made. It’s definitely going to be something we do at least once a year. For $40 it made the carpets look almost new again. Slowly but surely the room was coming together.

My mom’s friend made the nursery drapes and curtains for us. Here is the nursery fabric for the drapes:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 3.52.13 PM

Michael and I picked a woodland creatures theme and found so many cute fox fabrics and sheets and stuff like that. My mom’s friend worked hard on making the curtains and the side panels were a simple orange fabric with white triangles that matched the foxes perfectly. The curtains are amazing! They look so good.




The glider was a Christmas gift from my parents (and probably the best thing in the nursery!). A friend gave us their IKEA crib and changing table (which is fantastic and I’m super happy with all the hand-me-downs we got).


I got some art on etsy and then my mom brought down a painting that she did 36 years ago. 🙂 The bunny painting on the right was one my mom painted for my nursery and now I have it my son’s nursery. 🙂



Michael’s mom and stepdad got this little rocking horse and painted it the color we picked. It’s so cute. Plus Michael’s mom gave us a wooden toy chest that was hers as a kid and also Michael’s when he was a kid. I love that we got family items. She also painted it for us.



Still getting organized:



A close up of the curtains:


A light switch cover I bought that fit perfectly with the theme:


I love how it turned out. It’s calm and peaceful and pretty. I love the theme we picked and I’m really happy with the items I found for it. Every night I sit in the glider now and just relax. It’s a really nice time and I can’t wait for the little guy to be here with us!

Author: Lisa Eirene

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11 thoughts on “Nursery Tour”

  1. Looks like you are all ready for your son. The fox theme is great. My first grandchild had a Muppet & Robot theme and his name is Hank. Didn’t know the gender of the baby. Enjoy all the wonderful times with your new son. That first year goes by way too fast. I’m anxious to hear when he makes his big appearance!!

  2. Hmmmm I’ve been thinking about taking the doors of a closet in my guest room. Was it very hard to do? (I realize you may not get to this question for a while!)

    1. It was really easy. They were old sliding doors that didn’t stay on the track very well. We removed the doors on the all the closets in the rest of the house and replaced them with updated doors that fold open. But that room we never did.

      There was an old dresser we planned on using but it was really big, so to save space in the nursery I decided I wanted to put it in the closet and take the doors off instead. I saw this on pinterest: and thought that might be a good option for saving space.

      Michael took the doors off (super easy), and then removed the top hardware and the bottom hardware and painted the closet and installed new shelves. It was really simple and I’m glad we took the doors off. It makes the room look bigger and it’s more functional for what we are using it for. At some point we might change that and put new doors on but for now it works.

        1. We debated on doing the closet a different color than the room and in the end I’m really glad we did it. I think it looks really nice being a different, complimenting color. Kind of like an accent wall but not overpowering for the room.

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