Surprise Sunshine

I was pleasantly surprised today by NO RAIN! What?! Could the weather man actually be wrong?? I looked up from my desk at work (I sit underneath an atrium window) and saw BLUE SKIES! That means I get to run.


My run was pretty decent. I was a bit cold at first and it was windier than I was expecting, but I warmed up pretty quickly. I thought I might be sore from last night’s bike ride but I wasn’t. No lead legs!

Muddy Water

The sun was actually out, despite what some of the pictures might look like.

Willamette River

The water looked like mud. I’m not surprised though because of the monsoon Portland has been having all week!

Steel Bridge

I thought for sure that I was going to beat my best time. I got across the Hawthorne Bridge and was halfway done with the other side of the Esplanade at the 19 minute mark. But alas, I got caught at EVERY light on the way back to the office. Dammit.

Horses' Ass

Today’s Run Stats:

Time: 35 minutes (with an extra 3 minutes to get upstairs to the locker room)

Calories Burned: 457

Miles: 3.33

After my run (and shower) I ate my Sandwich Thin sandwich and a fiber bar.

UPDATE: During my run I felt very dizzy several times. And it’s been happening again now that I’m back in the office. Weird.

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