It’s Time for Cycling Season!

Even though I went swimming on Sunday morning, Michael and I decided to go for a short bike ride Sunday afternoon.

We got a late start to the bike ride because we had to get a new bike pump. We decided to drive over to the mall, go to REI and then pick up the I-205 Bike Path from the mall. Reason #1001 Why I love REI: they replaced the 2 year old bike pump for a new one with no questions asked. Simply because Michael has an REI membership. Nice!

I think it’s been a few months since I’ve been on the bike. In fact, I think the last bike ride I did was in Poulsbo during my family reunion back in July.

I think I need to rest from Hood to Coast.

Saturday’s disastrous run told me I obviously need to take a break from running. I’ve been pretty sad and depressed this weekend, worrying about my running ability–thinking that I may never be able run again. I’m trying not to think about it too much. Michael says I have an “all or nothing” view of life and I try NOT to look at things that way but…IT Band injuries aren’t good.

I’m going to take a break from running, I think. Maybe a few more days, a week, a few weeks…a few months? I have no idea yet. I will test out my legs soon and see if they need more time.

We rode our bikes North on the I-205 Bike Path and stopped at our usually spot to rest. It’s at the top of a hill near NE Portland (about 40 minutes in).

I ate my GU and drank some Gatorade.

We hadn’t discussed how far we’d ride, and I didn’t want to push myself too much for my first bike ride. We decided to turn around. It was a good bike ride! We got back to the mall and loaded up the bikes. I felt really good after the bike ride!

Sunday’s Stats:

Distance: About 14 miles?

Time: 1:39

Calories Burned: 587

We stopped at the store on the way home to get some goodies for dinner. We made turkey burgers and I made the tomato/mozzarella salad. We used the heirloom tomatoes I got at the Farmer’s Market.

The salad was fantastic! I love the Heirloom tomatoes. I did not have fresh Basil (bummer) so Michael put a dash of seasoning on it. The turkey burgers turned out great. Mine had melted Havarti cheese on it and bacon slices.

Michael decided he was going to create his own fancy Turkey Burger Club Sandwich. 😉

He topped his Turkey Burger with a slice of HAM and then BACON!

He said it was pretty good. I took his word for it!

I’m pretty happy with the photo I got of the burger. Could this Turkey Burger Club become the newest craze? 😉

Dessert was two scoops of light Vanilla ice cream with mini chocolate chip cookies!

3 mini cookies = 130 calories. We each had 4. So a teeny bit more than one serving.  The trick to having things like the cookie dough in the house is to only bake a serving or two at a time and save the rest in the fridge. There’s no risk of eating too many if you only bake a serving!

We watched the newest episode of Mad Men (intense!) and ate our cookies. Thank you double workouts! It was a great ending to a long. stressful weekend.

Epic Fail

Last night was okay. Even though work was stressful for both of us, we muddled through making dinner.

Trader Joe's Burger

I made up some Sandwich Thins as our buns and we cooked up the veggie burgers.They are delicious and one of my new favorite TJ’s finds. Check out the nutrition facts:

Michael cooked the veggie burgers and topped them with slices of Swiss Cheese and some jalapenos. It was a great addition.

This is what the burger looked like after we put all the fixings on it:

This part was NOT the epic fail.

As our side, I steamed a bunch of broccoli and cauliflower. When it was done, I picked up the steamer tray and was about to serve it up when the steam burned me and I dropped the tray on the floor–with all the veggies. 🙁

That sucked. I through them away and got some raw cauliflower and Light Kraft Thousand Island dressing and called it good.

And then I smashed my finger in the pantry door. Dinner was tasty but dang, lots of fail!

Did you participate in the #fitblog chat last night on Twitter? One of the questions was what is your favorite form of exercise? I honestly couldn’t answer that with one answer. I love swimming, running, hiking and biking. I feel like I’m very well-rounded with my fitness. I’ve been Cross-training before I even knew Cross-Training existed!

QUESTION: What is your favorite form of exercise? Do you Cross-Train?