August weigh in

August Weigh-In

I was really dreading this morning’s Weigh-In.

July was an Orgy of Food. Eating out a LOT. I indulged at Brewfest.

I ate tons of good food at my family reunion.

And I’ve been training for Hood to Coast. It’s fairly common to GAIN weight when training for an event.

So as you can imagine, I was filled with anxiety when I stepped on the scale today. And I was completely surprised by the number!

Um….149 even? I lost 3.2 pounds since I weighed in on July 1st?

So. Confused. But happy!!

In July I weight 152.2. I now weigh 149. I lost half an inch around my waist and half an inch around my hips. Surprisingly I also lost 1.5 inches around my thighs!

I’m completely baffled at the loss but dang, it felt great to see that number! Once again, I am under 150. My hope is to lose a few more pounds so that I’m back to the weight I was before the meds packed on 15 pounds.

QUESTION: How are your summer goals going?