Halloween decorations

Halloween Party

Logan threw a Halloween Party this weekend! It was SO MUCH FUN!

The house was decked out. I might have gone a little overboard. I already had a ton of Halloween decor I’ve collected over the years and then I kind of bought a bunch of new stuff and my friend Debby gave me some decorations she didn’t need anymore!

Logan was a pirate. I was a pumpkin. Michael was a blend of Michael Myers and Jason. πŸ˜€

My parents came down to visit from Seattle. My dad got dressed up too! And Logan was trying on a bunch of different masks. At one point he was Chewbacca/Pirate. LOL

I made a ton of food. Ghost bananas, apple slices, chips, pasta salad, crackers and cheese shaped like Halloween stuff. My friends Debby and Alex contributed some amazing stuff! Vegetarian Quiche “eyeballs” (delicious), cupcakes, ghost cheese pastries and a ghost cake.

And these witches’ hats:

Everything was a huge hit! The witches’ hats were gone in seconds. The red velvet ghost cake was AMAZING!

Beer, wine, cider, random non-alcoholic stuff.

I planned some fun games. We did a Scavenger Hunt (with prizes!). And then I hid a bunch of “ghosts” around the house and the kids had to go find them. The ghosts were small halloween toys wrapped in kleenex with a ghost face drawn on them with a sharpie. Super easy to make and it was fun.

Then we played the above game with bean bags and I had one that was a ghost “dartboard”.

Then we painted and decorated pumpkins.

The kids had a blast! I was so happy everything turned out great. It was really fun. A lot of work, but fun. I don’t know that it will be an annual event, but maybe every other year. πŸ˜‰

Happy Halloween!

Is It Too Early….?

…..for Halloween decorations?

I don’t think so, either. πŸ™‚

Wednesday when I got home from work there were TWO packages waiting for me! It was like Christmas. The first was my newΒ vacuumΒ that I ordered off Amazon.com: Dirt Devil M085590RED Featherlite Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

We’ve been without a good vacuum for awhile now (I’ve had to use either the tiny handheld vacuum or the shop vac). The vacuum arrived in a million pieces so on Thursday after work I spent about an hour putting it together all by myself. I felt proud that I was able to do it AND it worked! You have no idea how excited I am about this vacuum (I’m weird, I know).

The other package I got was a giveaway from Nicole. I won a gift pack of Sun Chlorella. I’m looking forward to trying it and seeing some results. They claim to boost recovery and healing in the body.

Thursday was a rather gloomy day. I think it’s official: Fall has arrived in Portland. Some trees are starting to change colors, the weather is way cooler, and it’s so, so dark in the morning. On the way home from work I stopped at the Dave’s Killer Bread outlet store to pick up a loaf. I was craving my favorite Fall food:

Grilled cheese! YUM! I stopped eating grilled cheese sandwiches for a long time because I felt like they were too high in calories. Then I sat down and actually figured out how many calories were in a grilled cheese. They weren’t that bad!

I used Dave’s Killer Bread Potato Oat wheat bread and it was perfect. The cheese: colby jack shredded. Sweet mustard on the inside of the sandwich, butter on the outside. And don’t forget the pepper bacon.

It hit the spot on a dark, Autumn night. As a side I made us salads with chopped broccoli and sliced tomatoes from the garden.

My favorite combination dinner is tomato soup and grilled cheese. I see that in my future. Dinner was nice and comforting. And I was wearing a sweater too. Where the heck did summer go?? This colder weather may pose a problem for me trying to commute to work on my bike. I did buy a Groupon for a local cycling store (I think $20 for $50?) and I’m going to buy some cold weather gear to hopefully get me through it.

On Friday I came home to two more packages! The first:

I’d won Monica’s tea giveaway awhile ago and it arrived–complete with a very cool looking new tea carafe. We drink tons of iced tea so this is fantastic. I cannot wait to try the new carafe too. There’s a holder for the loose leaf tea so it’s less mess.

And finally, my business cards! Months ago I commissioned one of Michael’s coworkers to make me a logo and then I proceeded to procrastinate all year long. Still haven’t revamped my website but I do finally have the business cards.Β Not only that, I’d gotten a Living Social deal for the business cards so I got a fantastic price!

It feels “official” to have a business card. I love it!

QUESTION: What’s your favorite Fall food?