January Goals

It’s a new year! I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore. I’m more comfortable with monthly goals. Something short term I can work towards and ACHIEVE. So how did I do in December? December was okay…I ate a lot more than I wanted to but that’s the holidays for ya.

December Goal Recap

1. Maintain current weight. Don’t gain weight. FAIL.

2. Try one new recipe each week that challenges me. YES. Sugar Cookies, Minestrone Soup, Cheddar Garlic Bread and Penne with Squash and Goat cheese.

3. Continue the hip strengthening exercise and strength training.  YES!

4. Try to live in the moment and be happy with what I have, not worrying about what I DON’T have.  SORT OF.

5. Begin training for my first Century Ride! Nope. I did not get on the bike at all in December.

I didn’t fall too short of my goals for December but I also didn’t really give it much effort either. I fell victim to the typical excuse: The Holidays. I was busy, my schedule was crazy, there were injuries and sickness in my house, traveling and parties. I managed to get in all my workouts and I tried to make healthy food choices. That’s about all I could hope for. 😉

Now it’s a new year, a new month and time for new goals.

January Goals

1. Do yoga once a week. Either a class at the gym or at home.

2. Go Snowshoeing at least once.

3. Try one new restaurant each month. This month: Iorio.

4. Start training on the bike!

I felt pretty confident about my training for the Portland Century…I told myself “I’ve got 8 months to train!” But then I started to think about how many miles a week I need to build up to by August and I began to panic. Do I have enough time to train for 100 miles?? I need to get started on the bike asap!

Reach the Beach 2010

I was feeling a bit burned out with my workout schedule but I think adding one workout a week on the bike will remedy that.

QUESTION: What are your goals? And how did you do in December?

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and Glamour.com.

11 thoughts on “January Goals”

  1. I did a whole post about this this morning. I did OK in December and set a lot of goals for the month. Mainly, training for my half marathon and sticking to the training schedule, and also doing one original recipe a week on the blog (and at home).

  2. Trust me – 8 months is *plenty* of time to train for 100 miles.

    When I rode 100, I even did that after I herniated my disk. I had a good base of mileage from the previous year, but in 2010, outdoor training started in March and we did the 100 miles in July. Biking is just so much easier on your body.

    I would do one really long ride each week and 2 shorter rides (20 milers) during the week. We did our long rides on Saturdays, which were usually around 40 miles and then each week we increased. Once you get past 70 miles in a day, after that is is pretty easy to tack on the rest. You sort of reach that point where it doesn’t matter how far it is. Our longest ride was 75 miles before we jumped to 100. It wasn’t planned that way, but we took the opportunity when it arose.

    Hope that eases your mind.

    1. Thanks Lori, I was going to email you about your training plan when you did the 100. That does ease my mind a bit. And when the weather improves we will do long bike rides on Saturdays as well.

  3. just saw that one of your January goals was to try Iorio restaurant. i was just there last week for the first time and have to say, it is definitely one of my new favorite places in Portland. the food was delicious, the staff was excellent and the atmosphere was great! overall, an outstanding place. i would highly recommend it.

  4. I love your goals! My main goal for January is to get back in my normal routine which is going to be fabulous after such a long ‘vacation’.

  5. Okay, FIRST thing here, don’t say “FAIL” like that! Don’t be so hard on yourself! So what, you didn’t accomplish some mini goals. And what did you gain, maybe 2 lbs? 🙂
    And what makes you a good person is that you actually go back and analyze what you had intended for the month, and look back at what stopped you from doing that. That’s great. I’ll sheepishly admit that I don’t do that. This makes you an inspiration!

    1. Thanks for listening to me vent Steena! I am actually doing okay now, I’m trying to focus on the positive things. And yes I may have gained 2 pounds but I enjoyed the holidays and ate a lot of good food. 😉

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