Kill My Abs

I’ve mentioned the Nike Training Club App a few times now. Last night I did a workout program on it as part of my Home Routine.

I got my supplies ready and everything set up, put in the movie “It’s Complicated” to watch while I worked out (so funny) and got to it. First I warmed up with some bicep curls and triceps.

The program I selected was “Ab Burner.” A 15 minute guided program that targets the abs. Holy moly!

The first exercise was a minute of Toe Touches. A full minute? Holy crap! I was sweating immediately.

Next was a minute of the Russian Twist. This is something I normally do during a workout but for a full minute? I had to rest a bit.

Then I did Planks. I could hold the Plank for about 20 seconds, then I had to rest a bit and then try again. So I didn’t do the full 1 minute of planks. The next move was the side plank which I am not strong enough to do at all.

During that minute I got up and did Plie Squats with my 8 pound medicine ball instead.

The new move is Crazy Ivans. I’d never heard of it before. I watched the demo video on the App a few times to see how to do it.

Recovery time. Rinse and repeat routine 4 times. I did it 3 times and then cut the program 5 minutes short because I wanted to hop on the bike. I did 25 minutes of warming up and doing the ab workout:

I got on the bike and did another 45 minute workout. I wore my compression tights over my bike shorts since it helped a lot last time.

Workout Stats:

Time: 1:11

Calories Burned: 541

I was feeling great after my workout and I was glad I was at home and not fighting crowds at the gym. I cleaned up and then fixed dinner.

I wanted to fix something fast and easy with ingredients I had on hand. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the grocery store after working out. Vegetarian enchiladas it is!

I used leftover rice. Inside the tortilla was rice, chopped jalapenos, black olives, black beans, a little cheese, enchilada sauce and green onions.

I topped the enchiladas with more sauce, cheese, green onions and olives.

Then I baked the enchiladas for 25 minutes in the oven.  Even just throwing them together with leftover ingredients the they were really good.

While we ate dinner with watched Top Chef–the Dim Sum episode. It’s been ages since I had dim sum! Now I’m craving it.

I ate 1 and 1/2 enchiladas, the perfect amount. Don’t you want enchiladas now?

I had a great workout and I’m happy that I was able to do it in the comforts of my living room. It was nice being able to watch a movie. I did get frustrated with the amount of time it took to set everything up, plus I had to stop a bunch of times to “fix” things. I also think I am easily distracted at home.  The home workout is a good thing for me right now but I guess I’m just a gym rat at heart and prefer to go TO the gym.

QUESTION: What is your home workout routine? Do you find it hard to stay motivated working out at home?

January Goals

It’s a new year! I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore. I’m more comfortable with monthly goals. Something short term I can work towards and ACHIEVE. So how did I do in December? December was okay…I ate a lot more than I wanted to but that’s the holidays for ya.

December Goal Recap

1. Maintain current weight. Don’t gain weight. FAIL.

2. Try one new recipe each week that challenges me. YES. Sugar Cookies, Minestrone Soup, Cheddar Garlic Bread and Penne with Squash and Goat cheese.

3. Continue the hip strengthening exercise and strength training.  YES!

4. Try to live in the moment and be happy with what I have, not worrying about what I DON’T have.  SORT OF.

5. Begin training for my first Century Ride! Nope. I did not get on the bike at all in December.

I didn’t fall too short of my goals for December but I also didn’t really give it much effort either. I fell victim to the typical excuse: The Holidays. I was busy, my schedule was crazy, there were injuries and sickness in my house, traveling and parties. I managed to get in all my workouts and I tried to make healthy food choices. That’s about all I could hope for. 😉

Now it’s a new year, a new month and time for new goals.

January Goals

1. Do yoga once a week. Either a class at the gym or at home.

2. Go Snowshoeing at least once.

3. Try one new restaurant each month. This month: Iorio.

4. Start training on the bike!

I felt pretty confident about my training for the Portland Century…I told myself “I’ve got 8 months to train!” But then I started to think about how many miles a week I need to build up to by August and I began to panic. Do I have enough time to train for 100 miles?? I need to get started on the bike asap!

Reach the Beach 2010

I was feeling a bit burned out with my workout schedule but I think adding one workout a week on the bike will remedy that.

QUESTION: What are your goals? And how did you do in December?