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In honor of my 32nd birthday this month I want to make a list of 32 goals to achieve in 2012. If I break them down it’s a little over 2 goals a month, which I think can be done. It took me a fairly long time to create this list, which surprised me. I thought I had more things I wanted to do! But I also wanted to make sure my goals were realistic.

1. Finish the rough draft of my memoir.

2. Host a dinner party.

3. Read 32 books in 2012.

4. Donate items I don’t use anymore, downsize.

5. See 32 movies I’ve never seen before.

6. Smile more.

7. Run another 5k (and try to beat my old time).

8. Wine taste at wineries I’ve never been to.

9. Try 32 new recipes.

10. Bike the Burke-Gilman Trail for the first time as an adult.

11. Perfect a signature dish.

12. Learn how to can food.

13. Learn how to use my new camera.

14. Eat at Beast.

15. Go to Vegas.

16. Try pilates.

17. Go on 12 hikes.

18. Go snowshoeing with friends who I’ve never done it with before.

19. Take yoga more often.

20. Go to a museum.

21. Do the Corn Maize in October.

22. Do the Roy Webster Columbia River Cross Channel Swim in September.

23. Bike a full Century.

24. Wear my bikini–in public!

25. Take a class that is NOT fitness related.

26. Organize a book club.

27. Enter some writing contests.

28. Perfect my book proposal.

29. Take a day trip to the beach.

30. Make some new friends.

31. Go camping more.

32. Have another flourishing vegetable garden this summer.

QUESTION: Is your birthday a time of reflection and goal setting?

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  1. Happy Birthday month!

    I’d like to volunteer to help with #10, #15, #18, and #24.

    I’ve done Pilates both individually and in a class. I’m not sure it’s going to be your thing, but I’ll be interested to see what you think. The good part about it is that things that seem easy are hard, but my experience is that results are slow. Individual training is very pricey and classes may not be very effective – would depend on the instructor I guess. I’ve just learned that I need more high energy practices, but I commend your desire to try new things. Since you’re in such great shape, i would think CrossFit would be a great challenge – but also pricey.

    1. I will TOTALLY take you up on those numbers! I think it would be great to have a partner for some of these things. It’s been AGES since I’ve been fishing. And I haven’t ridden my bike on the Burke-Gilman trail since I was a kid. We used to do it all the time as a family and I think Michael would love it.

      The only reason I haven’t done pilates is the cost. I wish my gym offered a class so I can try it for free and see if it’s even something I want to invest in.

      I love Crossfit! And my old trainer owns his own gym now, which I’ve been to and LOVED. The only downside is that it’s at the airport and as far from my house or work as possible!

  2. Happy almost Birthday! I set a short list of goals for myself at the start of the year (my birthday is in 9 days), but I don’t look forward to my birthday. To me its a reminder of what I haven’t done and I always get super depressed around it. I just try to skip past the whole thing if possible.

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  3. I love your list! I echo so many of these things (esp. 4, 6, 9 and 18!)! And, happy 32nd, by the way!
    I am turning 32 next month and am making either a “32 while 32″ or 33 before 33” list for mine.
    I was out in Oregon last summer during my honeymoon and just fell in love with so many wineries out there. My favorite is the Pines, in the Dalles, OR. We also spent a day in the Willamette Valley visiting a bunch of vineyards, which was one of the best days of our 2 week trip! The Pac NW is soooo beautiful!
    Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning recently posted..All things colorful

    1. You should definitely do a list! It was fun to make and try to think of things I wanted to do.

      The PNW is very beautiful. I’ve lived in Washington and Oregon my whole life. I love the trees and mountains. I just wish the weather was a little better. If you ever make it back out here, check out the wineries in Hood River. I think they are even better than the ones in the Valley.

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