Finding My Way

Finding My Way

Guest Post By: Marie

I had pretty much been heavy most of my life. There was a period of time in my life after high school when I dropped 100 lbs and was at a low of 178 lbs, which I sort of hovered around for around five years or so but then was in a car accident and   lost my car and some mobility and it took me out of the gym and then all my old habits came back.  Not only did I gain back the weight, but I gained another 100, which I kept on for over 20 years.

Arthritis and herniated discs had nearly left me crippled, where I was getting epidurals on a regular basis and couldn’t stand for more than 2 minutes at a time, nor walk any great lengths.  My husband didn’t have those ailments, yet his weight was climbing and so was his blood pressure and cholesterol.  It was a deadly combination for a happily married couple.  We laughed everyday, except when we thought of our future together… which seemed to be getting shorter and shorter.



We had been on the lookout for a diet that we felt would fit us.  My husband is British and a bit meat and potato kind of eater… he didn’t like to be hungry.  We loved food.  Weight Watchers didn’t work for us, as the foods we ate seemed to be very high in points and so we went through points very quickly and he felt hungry all the time.  So, I stumbled upon the 17 Day Diet and it seemed very well balanced and appealed to us.  We gave it a try and never looked back.  It actually took us away from potatoes, but allowed us unlimited lean proteins and vegetables and just was a perfect combination for us, we were full and satisfied.  Finally, we found something that worked, and the weight just started falling off!

I think losing that weight brought me a confidence in myself that stayed with me throughout my lifetime.  I never let the number on the scale define who I was.  I married, had a child, divorced and even married again.  I’m now happily married, but living in a body that has been worn down by 20 years of carrying huge amounts of weight.  I knew that I needed to take care of that if I wanted to live longer in my happy marriage and enjoy my son and hopefully, future grandchildren.


My husband is down 73 lbs now and I’m down 122 lbs!  

We started our journey in March of 2012 and he is about 25 lbs from his goal and I’m about 90 lbs from mine!  We just know we’ll get there and we feel more confident than ever that we’ll keep the weight off.

This diet has changed how we feel about food and finally… a diet that follows through and actually becomes that LIFESTYLE that every diet promises to be!  We’ve found ours and we are so very happy!

Lisa’s Note: I really appreciated getting Marie’s email about her and her husband’s amazing weight loss. The transformation is very visible! I think her story is relatable because most people feel like Weight Watchers points or counting calories are too restrictive. What works is finding a way to get used to eating the things you love in smaller portions and NOT being hungry all the time!

QUESTION: Have you found something that has worked for you? Share your story!

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

30 thoughts on “Finding My Way”

    1. R.S.,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I’ll share it with my husband as well! I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far… I’m down 130.5 now and still going strong. Coming up on my one year anniversary. Feels great!

    1. Ana,
      Thanks for saying that. I love that part of my journey… the inspiring others and helping others… just makes me feel even better than the weight loss, I’ll be honest! It really makes me feel good inside when something I do makes a difference in someone else’s life. So, thank you, so much for your kind words! Good luck to you and I pray you get to enjoy wonderful things!


    1. Thanks so very much, Biz!
      I sure hope that my husband and I will have a longer life together, that’s definitely the plan! 🙂 I know we both feel so much better and we are both so proud of what we’ve accomplished… We feel so much healthier and less stuffed after we eat now, so, just everyday living isn’t felt “less comfortable” now.


  1. Marie, I can really resonate with what you said about grieving a future that seemed shorter and shorter. It’s amazing to get things going in a positive direction and start thinking about a wonderful future again. Thank you so much for sharing. You are beautiful inside and out.

    1. Valerie,
      Thank you so very much for your kind comment! It is amazing and I love that it’s a positive things we’ve done in a world that too often is full of negative things. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, it means so much!


  2. Lisa,

    Thank you so much for highlighting my story in your blog… It means alot to me. Your story is so very inspiring to me and I felt such a connection to you from the instant I found your blog! I hope to always follow your journey and be in touch with you… I love hearing about the things you do and reading your blog! Very positive person, which I appreciate!

    Marie Therese Smith

  3. Inspiring story! The key, as you’ve found, is not to “diet.” That rarely leads towards long lasting weight loss. The key is to find the lifestyle that allows for sustained weight loss. Eating the foods you enjoy and that don’t have such detrimental effects on your body.

    Congratulations on your huge success! And best of luck as your journey continues. I love these kinds of stories.

    Trevor recently posted..Why You Should Be a Meathead – 4 Surprising Things Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, and Lunks Can Teach You about Living Right

    1. Thanks so much, Trevor, for your comment. Ivan and I love Indian food and have chosen that as a guide for alot of our cooking, as we are eating alot more vegetables and love using the Indian spices… so your comment on finding foods we enjoy… really hits the right note! It’s a huge key to our success!

    1. Thank you, Evilcyber… the energy and just ability to walk more is definitely something we notice… we used to go home just wiped out after a simple grocery trip. Especially me. My bad back was no joke… Even with me stopping at the back of WalMart to sit down! It was exhausting… now, I can just keep going and going and going… it’s not a race to get home to relax and not go out for the rest of the day! So thankful for a fuller life!

    1. Kathie, who doesn’t love hearing a compliment like that? LOL THANK YOU!!! I have been getting a few compliments from co-workers that I don’t look saggy after losing this much weight and I think I’d have to owe it to the exercise, water and moisturizing I’m doing… maybe my parents genetics, too? LOL Whatever it is, I’m thankful for it and the compliments I’m getting along the way! 🙂 I worried and still do, as I am still on my journey… but I’ll just keep up with what I’ve been doing and hope it works out.

      Again, thanks so very much!


  4. Marie you look amazing! Such a wonderful transformation!

    re: the note at the end: I’ve switched around from program to program over time- WW Momentum carried me for a while, then I switched to plain old calorie counting, and now I’m doing WW Points+. I’ve found sometimes a small change is what you need- sometimes you need more structure and sometimes less.

    Finding what works for you and sticking with it isn’t always easy, but a little trial and error is better than months of hating what you’re eating only to relapse later.
    Deb recently posted..Wednesday Day 502 Food Diary

  5. Deb, I have considered switching to different things, especially now when I’ve been at a lull at 131 lbs lost for about 5 weeks now. I’ve started walking at work, at both my breaks and it includes stairs and I really feel them in my legs, I’m going to see what that does for my weigh in this week, keeping the food back to basics, Cycle 1 on 17 Day Diet plan… which usually is a great loss for me… I just read Lisa’s post from yesterday and it said to “be consistent”, so I’m trying to do that and get more rest as well… Patience… Although, I’ve done all this in less than a year, my anniversary date it coming up, I think with my weighing in daily, it makes it seem “longer” in my head, but really, I’ve done well and when I step back from myself, I see that and am quite proud of all I’ve done. It’s all a process, isn’t it?
    The best thing I’ve learned is that the two months that I’ve not seemed to move the scale (November and this February were months where it didn’t really go up but for about 5 lbs, which I am pretty ok with)… makes me feel like when I do finally reach my goal, I’m going to have a pretty good time maintaining, which makes me feel pretty great!
    Thanks for commenting!

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