Friday Night Confessions

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to confession. So here goes…

Confession: I am totally ashamed to admit this but I absolutely LOVE the new Robin Thicke song.

I know. How embarrassing is that?!?! Am I the only one that thinks of Alan Thicke whenever you hear the name Robin Thicke or one of his songs?


The song is catchy and sexy–reminding me of Marvin Gaye and Earth Wind and Fire and I find myself dancin’ a little bit whenever the song come on. {hangs head in shame} And doesn’t he look like George Michael in the above video?!?

Confession: I have a 14 year old girl crush on JT. Like I’d probably be in the first row of his concert screaming like the other 14 year old girls if I didn’t want to keep SOME shred of my 33 year old dignity.


Whenever he hosts SNL I get ridiculously excited and squeal like I just won the lottery. Fat Kitty’s eyes get super big and I’m sure he’s looking around for the mouse I must have seen… Michael gets sooo annoyed. But, I know his confession would be that he loves JT too. 🙂 He’s FUNNY on Saturday Night Live! The skit he does about the Vegan Town is hi-larious.


To all the other 14 year old girls with crushes, you’re welcome for those photos. MOVING ON…

Confession: I have sung karoake exactly ONE time in my life. I have zero singing talent, can’t carry a tune, have no sense of timing and hate being the center of attention. So karaoke has never once been something I aspired to do. One time I had a friend who was a drag queen (and awesome performer) who serenaded me at a club with Dancing Queen and managed to get me on stage but I surely did not sing with her! Anyway, so back to the one time I sang…

I met my friends Jackie and Kathi at this total dive bar in Milwaukie (Oregon). It’s a steak house and definitely not the kind of place mid-20-somethings would ever go to but they wanted to sing and picked out the place. I drove from my place in SE Portland to what I thought was the boonies (at the time) and met them at this super dark, weird restaurant. It ended up being a cowboy bar. After several hours of drinking, eating fried foods and watching cowboys get up there and sing, they FINALLY convinced me to get up there. I agreed but ONLY if the two of them came up there with me. So the three of us got on stage and sang this song:

It’s a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford slowin’ down to take a look at me! Yep, I sang my favorite Eagles song. You should have seen the evil glares from the half dozen patrons in the bar…the nerve of us…singing an Eagles song in a cowboy bar…

It was just as awful as you imagine it to be.  🙂 But I did it.

Confession: I’ve started watching two shows new to me: Hung and Homeland. I’ve heard great things about both but so far I’m on the fence. I don’t feel like my life would be missing out on something if I stopped watching either show, but I’m hanging on to see if they get better. Especially with Homeland–so many people talk about how it’s the best show on TV (I have to disagree, Breaking Bad or Walking Dead are the best) that I feel like I’m missing something.

Another couple shows that Michael and I tried but gave up on were The Americans and The Following. The Following had such potential. I love Kevin Bacon, I like those types of shows…but it got absolutely ridiculous and predictable and I was SO ANNOYED that everyone on the show turned out to be a secret member of the cult. Give me a break. Lazy writing if you ask me. So we gave up half way through.

Since I’m confessing about TV shows, I just have to say this…

Confession: I love Modern Family and think it’s one of the funniest and smartest shows on TV right now. But I absolutely loathe Lilly. She ruins the show. She’s a horrible actor (yes I know she’s just a kid) and I feel like the writers are crowbar-ing her into the show to give her a bigger part than she needs to have. She seriously ruins the show for me. I can’t be the only one


Confession: I’m pretty bummed that I’m not attending Fitbloggin this year. I’ve wanted to go to a blogger conference for a few years now but the cost of the conference and a plane ticket discouraged me. This year it’s in Portland! Sounds perfect right? Except it seems to be sold as a package deal –including the hotel–which makes it just as expensive as it would be to go to one out of town! So disappointing. 🙁 I really wish they had an option for people who don’t want to stay in a hotel. 🙁 BUMMER!!!

But on a positive note, if anyone wants to meet for coffee or something, or needs advice on must see and must do things in Portland, let me know! 🙂

QUESTION: Got anything to confess?

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

32 thoughts on “Friday Night Confessions”

  1. Fitbloggin’ definitely *doesn’t* include the hotel. It’s $299 for the conference alone. The hotel was $179 A NIGHT. I was going to make the trip, but I couldn’t afford it. And then I ended up getting picked to be a volunteer ambassador, but I can’t afford to fly out there anyway.
    Esther recently posted..enchanted has me enchanted (triangle tips)

    1. Gotcha. I guess my issue was that I wanted to be able to sign up for the conference a la carte style and the wasn’t an option. I thought you also had to stay in the hotel in order to attend. Either way, it was too expensive for me.

  2. Confession: I love michael buble and around christmas time, I tell my husband michael and I got back together so he might come second lol.. how silly is that haha. So over the holidays he gets used to me singing his songs at the top of my little lungs, so then after christmas when a song comes on and I dont sing, he is like oh is buble on the road, I said no we broke up. lol it seems to be his christmas songs that I love the most. Ok now the secret is out! Have a good weekend!!

  3. OMG! I absolutely never comment on blogs. However, I really enjoy your blog and first off wanted to thank you. Second, I wanted to tell you that my husband and I loath Lily too. We talk about it every episode and want to do some investigation to see if she is related to someone important on the show in order stay on. And yes, I think it makes me a special kind of terrible person to feel that way about a child (enough to comment on a blog about it!).

    1. Thank you for your kind words!! 🙂 It’s nice to hear from readers who rarely comment. 🙂

      OMG I KNEW I wasn’t the only one who hated Lily. She’s the worst. I really wish they’d recast her!!

  4. Ah, ha, ha….um…I JUST downloaded the new Robin Thicke song on to my phone yesterday. And felt quietly embarrassed that I’d done that. LOL!!! I also have far too many Backstreet Boy songs on there than anyone over the age of 25 should have!!! Have a great day Lisa.
    Roz@weightingfor50 recently posted..Dinner outside

  5. My confession would be that I actually like Lily’s character on Modern Family. She is like a surly, bitter old lady – which I find funny. She seems like just a prop so I never really thought about her too much, but I agree she’s not the best child actor out there, and not the cutest either.

    My 2nd confession is that I stopped downloading music from iTunes because I’m embarrassed when my husband sees what music I like. He always comments on it and I hate it! I will admit I really like Kelly Clarkson, and have downloaded some Clay Aiken Christmas songs.

    I had too much wine one night and downloaded some songs I’m really, really embarrassed to admit to. Same night I ordered 3 dresses online from Overstock. I had no memory of ordering them. When I got them one was a size too big, one was 2 sizes too small, and all three were ugly.

    1. Oh that’s kind of awesome…you drunk shopped. Too bad the dresses didn’t work! Wouldn’t it had been a nice surprise if they were perfect?

      As for the music, my boyfriend and I do not have the same tastes. The only thing we agree on is classic rock and stuff like NIN, Metallica, etc. I definitely enjoy lots of different kinds of music (like 80’s, disco, dance, etc). And I like Kelly Clarkson, too. 🙂

  6. So many confessions to make, so little time. Haha
    One of mine is that once I start watching a TV show on Netflix that I really like, I get addicted. I will watch every episode of the show until the end. I spent one dreary winter watching every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then Angel. My girlfriends now call that “Pulling a Susan.”
    Joyful Susan recently posted..Crazy Busy, Crazy Good

  7. I love the new Robin Thicke song too, and I am such a J.T. fan that I actually went to his concert when he was on tour with Christina Aguilera–at the time I think I was 27? Whenever I hear the Robin Thicke song, I think that J.T. is probably jealous that he isn’t on it doing the Robin Thicke part, because it is so much better than his two recent singles and sounds like something he would sing…sigh.
    Erin recently posted..Raven and Rose

  8. I will only sing kareoke after a couple beers – my go to song? Cowboy Take Me Away by the Dixie Chicks, and I don’t even really like country music – ha!

    Yep, I wish $$ wasn’t an issue with those events. If I lived anywhere near Portland I’d love to have coffee with you! Turns out that’s a bit of a drive from Chicago though! 🙁

    Happy Weekend!
    Biz recently posted..Grilled Salisbury Steak over Zucchini with Mushroom Gravy

    1. I love the Dixie Chicks! And I am not a country fan.

      My goal is to go back to Chicago someday. So I will message you and we’ll have to meet for coffee or something. 🙂

  9. I just did some karaoke recently – and there is recorded evidence of it. I told my husband if that makes it public anywhere I will divorce him immediately. I did Jessie’s Girl (my confession – I am a HUGE Rick Springfield fan) with my son and a group of us did Paradise By The Dashboard Light (longest song ever)

  10. Confession: as of this morning I’ve finally lost 110 pounds since my highest weight! I still need to lose 37 pounds to get to my goal weight, but I remember reading your blog at the beginning of my journey and thinking about how amazing it would feel to hit that number of total pounds lost. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experiences as a fellow Portlander on a journey to be healthy, happy, and fit. You continue to inspire me to keep going.

    1. Woooohooo!! That is so awesome! Thank you for sharing your news. That’s amazing and I am so glad I was able to inspire you in some way. That makes me happy. 🙂

  11. I would love for Robin Thicke and JT to do a duet or appear on a remix of one of there songs. I loved Robin since he was in his group Thicke. And love JT just the same.

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