Legs Like Jello

During my break at work I ran down to the Foot Traffic store to buy a fuel belt for Hood to Coast. I discovered that all Hood to Coasters get a 10% discount! Sweet!

There had many different kinds of running fuel belts to choose from. They were all really expensive and kind of bulky for my liking. I already have a large belt that is probably for trail running (it uses huge water bottles). It’s way too big for me.

The guy at Foot Traffic suggested I buy a “bib” belt and two water bottles and sort of make-shift my own fuel belt.

I think it’s going to work. I will experiment this weekend and see how it does. I like that it’s minimal.

So for the last month, it’s been about 70 degrees in Portland. Kind of gray and cloudy–cool in the mornings. Now, with just 2 weeks until Hood to Coast, it’s finally going to get HOT. Thanks a lot, Mother Nature! I would much rather run HTC in 70 degree weather than the 90 degrees it’s supposed to be tomorrow.

During my run at lunch today, it was 79 degrees but it seriously felt like 85. It was HOT!

The run did not start out well. I ran down 6 flights of stairs and realized I forgot my water bottle I take running. Definitely a must for hot days! I said, “DAMMIT!” And turned around and ran back up the 7th floor to get my water bottle and run back down. My legs were not happy.

The run went pretty well. The heat wasn’t too crushing and I tried to stay in the shade when I could.

I ran the loop and got to the top of the Hawthorne Bridge at a great time. Then my legs started to feel weird. They felt shaky and like jello! What the heck? I have no idea why. The only other time I’ve had Jello Legs was immediately after the Shamrock Run 8k I did.

QUESTION: Have you ever had Jello Legs? What the heck is it?

My legs were shaking pretty badly as I ran down the stairs of the Hawthorne Bridge. I ran the rest of the way back to the office, breathing hard the whole time. The heat had finally gotten to me, I think.

I was dripping in sweat! That shower felt fantastic!

Today’s Stats:

Time: 31:24

Calories Burned: 461

Temperature: 79 degrees!

Days Until Hood to Coast: 15!

The guy working at Foot Traffic said he ran Hood to Coast last year. He said to be prepared for PAIN. He also said that Sunday after the race, he could barely move. Yikes! I have a massage scheduled for after Hood to Coast. I hope that helps!

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  1. I get jello legs whenever my blood sugar is low. Did you eat something before the run? Also, the Post HTC walk (looks a lot like you rode a horse the previous day) is a badge of honor! You will be able to recognize everyone who ran HTC from a mile away come Sunday! Think of it as initiation to the club! 🙂

    1. Good to know! I ate some Greek yogurt before I ran today. Usually I eat a banana. I guess I should stick with bananas…..

      I remember seeing people last year running the waterfront right after HTC. They all had on their t-shirt! It was awesome. 🙂

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