Rosemary and Garlic Beef Kabobs

Saturday afternoon was spent shopping and meandering around the town. It was another nice day of not doing much  (or better said: not having something planned). First, we went to IKEA to wander around and look at stuff for the house. We got some toys for friends who just had a baby (and another couple who is expecting a baby). We also bought a new lamp for the living room. It was hard, but I was able to resist this little delicacy:

Prawn Cheese Spread? YUCK!!!! 🙂 I don’t even know what you’d do with something like that!

We went to a few other stores and then ended up at the fancy new market by our house. New Seasons is sort of like Whole Foods–but cheaper.

We spent way too much money on stuff we probably didn’t need. But sometimes that’s fun. The New Seasons had a deli, salad bar, and even a BAGEL bar! Yum. Each department had samples, too. I have to admit, I sampled everything I think.

We did go into the store with a few things in mind though. We were going to get seafood for dinner. They had scallops and fresh clams that looked really good. But as soon as Michael saw the Ahi Tuna on sale, he wanted that.

I wanted crab cakes, so we got two of those too. Unfortunately, after we got the tuna and crab cakes, we walked by an entire section of Kabobs. As Michael put it, I’d been craving “meat on a stick” for some time now.

It was a hard decision because there were so many yummy sounding choices! We agreed to get two Rosemary and Garlic Beef Kabobs to have for dinner another night too. We got a bunch of other stuff we definitely didn’t need, and of course, checked out their beer selection. This one make me laugh:

Skull Splitter beer? With a Viking on it? LOL Too funny! I passed up buying one thought because I’m really looking forward to having some of my Quenett wine.

Dinner began with freshly baked olive ciabatta bread. Michael mixed together a little olive oil, balsamic and herbs for a dipping sauce.

I will admit, we ate half the loaf between us. Oh well.  I had calories to burn and I was famished!

Michael was in charge of grilling the beef kabobs while I made us salads. The second he unwrapped the packaging from the kabobs we both sighed in ecstasy because the aroma of rosemary and garlic was so heavenly!

The salad was packed with lots of fresh goodies: green leaf lettuce, red onion, Craisins, chickpeas, carrots, broccoli.

I think he grilled the kabobs for about 6 or 7 minutes.

The meat was so tender it practically melted off the stick. The flavor was excellent. I want to recreate this on our own. I think it will be pretty easy too, just need the right stuff to marinade it in. To go with the beef, I poured the last of the Quenett Red Redd Wine.

Everything about dinner was delicious. I was unsure if one kabob each was enough food but it was plenty. Next time we try to make it ourselves, I want to include lots of veggies on the kabob.

The yummy dinner was finished off with CHOCOLATE while we watched a few episodes of Mad Men!

My fancy truffles are gone now. 🙁

QUESTION: What is your favorite thing to cook on the grill? And do you have a special Kabob recipe you like?

Holiday Eats

This weekend was full of eating. I struggled to make good choices ordering Bar Food, I was crippled from gardening, and drank more than I had wanted to. We had a fun time with my cousins visiting from Washington, a BBQ with friends, and the good news…we bought kitchen tiles yesterday!

We’ve been remodeling the kitchen for about 2 years now. Michael was unsure of what kind of tile to get so that slowed down the process. Do we get light beige and go neutral? Or go for super modern black tile? We finally found something we both liked. The picture doesn’t really show the rich browns in the tile but it will look great with our cherry wood cabinets. I’m excited to be closer to a finished kitchen!

A finished kitchen = more cooking and baking. I got Michael a book on how to make bread for Christmas 2 years ago. Bread making is something we both want to try.

I slept in a bit on Monday. It was nice to have the day off! Breakfast was some Oikos Vanilla Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit:

We ran a bunch of errands (tile shopping was one of them) and we worked up QUITE the appetite moving 17 50 pound boxes of tiles into the house! For lunch we grabbed slices at Pizzacato in Sellwood.


I got the Verdi Salad: red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, red onions and vinaigrette dressing. The slice of Puttanesca pizza was to die for! Fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, feta, garlic, olive oil and basil. It was delicious!


The guy working at Pizzacato is a runner and he saw my Nike+ on my shoe. He told me that I shouldn’t wear it all the time because it wears out the battery! I had no idea. FYI. He also said he’s doing the Helvetia Half Marathon soon and training for the Portland Marathon.

Michael and I both decided yesterday that it SUCKS being adults. We spent the three day weekend doing responsible, adult things like errands and chores. BOO.

We finally finished errands and chores and were able to finish up “Parenthood”. We walked around the nearby track for over an hour before dinner too. It was a nice stroll.

Dinner last night was Ahi Tuna steaks. Ahi is like eating a thick steak. It’s the same texture. Michael blackened the Tuna.

Blackening Spice

Check out how thick it is! I honestly prefer the Ahi to be a tad thinner. But it’s good. He flipped the steak over and applied the Blackening Spice to the other side and seared it. Searing only takes a few minutes and the point is to not cook it 100%.

Here’s the steak seared:

I steamed a bunch of veggies as our side.

It’s a big meal to be honest. Neither of us could eat the whole thing. Leftovers!

Dessert was a few scoops of Vanilla ice cream, a few chocolate chips and Lite syrup.


Yesterday I took a much needed Rest Day. My hamstrings were tight and sore to the touch. The Foam Roller was brutal!

QUESTION: Have you ever eaten Ahi tuna? What did you think?