My days are numbered. Biking days, that is. Each week that goes by in September, the mornings get darker and most definitely colder. I rode to work on Tuesday last week and it was pitch black when I first woke up (luckily it got light enough by the time I left) and it was freezing. I could see my breathe in the air, dew was on the flowers in the yard. I knew almost immediately that I would regret not digging out my cold weather gloves but I skipped them anyways. Yep, I did regret it. It was so cold I could barely feel my fingers. My toes weren’t much better.

I imagine I only have a few more weeks biking to work and then I will be resigned to weekend rides when the weather is decent or spin class.

My ride home was a little bit different. Instead of going home, I rode my bike from downtown to the Springwater trail to the Cartlandia food carts just off the trail. I met Michael for dinner at that burger cart we visited a few weeks ago. This time, we did not split a burger!

The Rock House Grill — Take Two! The place wasn’t to crowded, which was weird because it was such a nice day out. We sat in the beer garden but skipped the beers (they were a bit pricey). Next time perhaps.

Now, how was the burger? It was great! It looks bigger than it was. It was big, but the bulk came from the pound of spinach leaves and thickly cut tomato slices. I also had them put avocado on mine, which made it even taller. It’s a mess and difficult to eat but it’s delicious.

I liked the flavors a lot, smokey and salty. The hamburger patty itself was super thin, which I also liked. It didn’t feel like I ate a big mound of meat.

Total Biking Stats for Tuesday: 21.23 miles.


I wore my cold weather gloves this time! I felt much more comfortable on my ride. I’d dressed appropriately and didn’t feel too cold. I was sore from Wednesday’s weight workout (after about a month off from strength training) so I was a bit slower. My hamstrings and glutes were not too happy with me (thank you squats and lunges).

On another note, my office is participating in the Bike Commute Challenge for the month of September. I actually signed up this year and am logging my miles for the team. Our team has 766 miles logged as of this week so far! The number would be even higher if I could add in my weekend rides. Boo!

Anyway, it’s been a good summer in terms of biking. I feel like I was able to ride a lot more this year than last year, despite the flat tires and bike issues I had earlier this summer. I wish summer wasn’t coming to an end. I’d like to bike to work for  just a little while longer…

QUESTION: Have you participated in a bike commute challenge?