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I am so proud of my friend Alazar.  Last year he raised over $9,000 for the Cascade AIDS Project fundraiser here in Portland and he made the newspapers! The best part? He’s only 11 years old. (He’s in the photos above!) Alazar is someone I am proud to call a friend. He’s an inspiring little man that has amazing aspirations and I want to help as much as I can.

Alazar was born in Ethiopian and came to the US a few years ago, where he was adopted by a dear friend. The transformation of Alazar was day and night. He went from a scared, quiet boy to a vibrant, energetic kid who loves sports and art. I attribute this to the healthy, happy, nourishing home his new dad created for him and the art therapy our friend Star did with him for years.

Fast forward a few years later and Alazar has been on a crusade to raise money for AIDS charities and to raise awareness. You can check out his blog here.

Recently Alazar let me practice my novice photography skills and we hung out in Laurelhurst Park on a gorgeous day. We took tons of photos of him and his dad too.

He writes his own blog, he’s trying to get corporate sponsors, and has even contacted celebrities for support (and heard back from some!). I try to support Alazar as much as I can when he’s fundraising and recently bought some of his art for his fundraising. Health in every way is important to me and if I can help a good cause, I’ll do it!

PLEASE check out his website and if you’re going to donate to any causes this year, consider the Cascade AIDS Project! Alazar and I thank you for your generosity!

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His motto is:  “Be Safe. Get Tested.  Have Safe Behaviors.”


(Pictures above of Jacqueline Yerby, Vice President, Board of Directors, Cascade AIDS Project and Alazar Manning used with permission.)