Coupon Queen

I used to be the Queen of coupons. I’ve never seen the TV show about couponing, and I certainly wasn’t that extreme, but I had a knack for saving $15-20-25 dollars at a time with just using coupons and double coupons and in-store deals. I’d get so excited, too, when I got a great deal on something.

Not only did I love saving money and getting that self-satisfied rush by making a normally $5 item only a $1, but I loved trying NEW products! Many people hate grocery shopping but I loved it. Well that has changed drastically in the last few years.

In the past two years or so my couponing habits have changed drastically. Because I am trying to get away from eating processed foods, I find that most of those coupons I see each Sunday are worthless to me. I don’t want a box of crackers or 100 calorie cookies. I don’t eat frozen meals for lunches anymore (and haven’t in nearly a year!). Those items used to be a staple in my house and I always had things like that.

Now when I clip coupons they are for things like cleaning supplies, beauty supplies (tampons, hair dye, shampoo, etc) and condiments (I’m a mustard addict as well as a salad dressing addict). I wish I could say that cutting out the processed foods has made a big dent in my grocery bill but the cost really hasn’t changed much. Produce is much more expensive these days and because we’re eating more “real food” we have to shop for it more often.

That is in no way a complaint. My body has never felt better since we changed to a caveman type diet. For example, my dinner last night was a boneless pork chop, a spinach salad and steamed broccoli. It was filling and satisfying in every way and I didn’t miss rice or pasta or bread as a side. Meat and seafood + veggies = simple meals and a happier body. I feel better. I feel healthier.

But it feels like these two lifestyles are incompatible. Is it impossible? No, but it’s not easy. The coupons I have been able to use on the healthier foods I eat are things like Greek yogurt, organic soups, frozen vegetables and Foster Farms chicken. Unfortunately, that is just a small portion of the stuff I buy.

You know what I wish? I wish that the Sunday coupon section had coupons for fresh produce. I want to see a coupon for 50cents off fresh broccoli from any store, or 10% of a watermelon at any store. Why isn’t this available? I really wish it was!

QUESTION: What are your spending and couponing habits? Have they changed with your diet?