Apr 212014

Back in February I posted T is for Truth where I admitted I have been struggling this winter. There were a lot of reasons (excuses) for the weight gain–I’ve been more sick this winter than any other (getting a cold/sinus infection three times!), I took a month off from weight lifting due to an injury, the typical holiday eating packed on some pounds, there was some stressful bullshit going on (those issues have since been resolved) and that led to some stress eating. I also changed my birth control–which cleared up my acne but caused some very unfortunately weight gain.

I was up to 149. 1 pound from goal weight. That buffer area is important to me. I like having some wiggle room between my current weight and my goal weight–it allows me to indulge once in awhile and not see the scales tip. I usually fluctuate between 144-146. That 149 was scary. I decided I needed to get my act together.

I wasn’t feeling good about myself and that was making me not feel good about everything else in my life. It sounds whiny, I know, but feeling uncomfortable in my skin colors how I see the rest of the world/go through my day. I wish I was stronger and didn’t let the self-esteem issues effect me in such a way. But when none of your clothes fit, it’s hard NOT to look in the mirror and feel disdain. Then Lori at Finding Radiance confessed that her self-esteem had taken a beating lately. It was nice to read that another maintainer was feeling similarly and it was comforting in a way.

I cleaned up my diet in a number of ways. I reduced or eliminated the liquid calories I was consuming. Having one glass of wine on a Friday and Saturday night is sufficient. Drinking during the week isn’t necessary and just packs on the pounds. I also took a look at my sugar habit. It was a little out of control this winter! I finally finished that tub of Nutella (it only took me 4 months) so that temptation is out of the house! I’ve stopped buying ice cream and other desserts. I do have dessert but I’m trying to make better choices and not eat it every night.

Last week I weighed myself for the monthly check-in. I was anxious. I’d been doing well with my food for weeks but my pants were STILL TOO TIGHT. Like skintight. I didn’t have high hopes. I was happily surprised! I’d lost a few pounds; weighing in at 147. I’ll take it. Progress is progress, even if it’s just a little bit.

I’m confused and frustrated that my pants don’t fit. I’m only 3-4 pounds higher than I was this time last year when my pants all fit. I find it hard to believe that 4 pounds could really make such a difference that my pants won’t button now. What is up with that??

set and reach goal concept

For awhile I will try to post once a week discussing my progress and making goals. I think I’ve gotten out of my funk and I’m ready to get serious.

This Week’s Goals

ACCURATELY track my calories each day–this means all the bites, nibbles, sips, snacks. It also means not lying to myself when I KNOW I ate more than one serving of something…

Drink at least 3 water bottles of water at work in addition to the water I drink at home and at the gym.

Strive to leave 200 calories left for each day in my “bank.” On days I work out I do eat more calories and I often justify the extra treats. Many days I have less than 100 calories leftover for the day. That’s not creating any kind of deficit. I think 200 calories is a good number to be left for the day.

I will check in next week!

Mar 112014



Well, almost I guess. The spring rains have arrived here in Oregon and the flowers are starting to poke up above the muddy ground and bloom. Crocus flowers are one of my favorites. With spring here and the drive to clean things up, why not start with the diet? It’s a good time of year to ease into weight loss–the pressure of New Year’s Resolutions is come and gone and it’s much easier to focus on change when the prospect of summer is upon us! Spring Clean your diet with some of these tips:

Cut Out The Sugars

If you struggle with sugar like I do, then perhaps taking a break from eating candy and sugary-treats is a good idea. It’s a good idea for me! An easy way to cut out sugar from the diet is to eat natural, whole foods like fruits and vegetables. There’s sugar in so many things–even your salad dressings, ketchup, lots of things you’d never even suspect have sugar. A way to cut out sugar is to substitute fruit when you’re craving something sweet. Often times a sweet, juicy orange or a bowl of blueberries is just what you need for that craving. The other day I had a banana with a little whipped cream on top for dessert. It was 100 calories and totally satisfied my sweet tooth!

Add More Veggies

Read this post about how to get more veggies in your diet. The short version: try adding roasted vegetables to your dinners and healthy green salads to lunches. Even if you do this just a few times a week, you will feel the difference. Spring is also a good time to check out your local Farmer’s Market. I love the local markets here in Portland. It makes me feel good to support local, small farmers and you know their vegetables aren’t super GMO creations.



This is also the time of year that Michael and I start cleaning up our raised garden beds. We get things ready for a spring crop of lettuce and kale. Growing our own kale is fantastic. It’s so healthy for you. And kale chips are pretty tasty, too. ;)

Try Healthier Grains and Starches

Instead of white rice, try brown rice or quinoa. Instead of white potatoes, have a yam or sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are so healthy and much more satisfying to me! Instead of pasta, try spaghetti squash. It really does work as “spaghetti”! What about trying lentils instead of rice or pasta? Lentilles au Vin Blanc is a good one.

Challenge Yourself

How about trying something new? Like giving up bread for a month, or going dairy-free. Even going meatless one day a week can sometimes jump start healthy eating habits. I don’t know about you, but when spring arrives I get an overwhelming desire to IMPROVE. Everything — my diet, clean the house, de-clutter my life…What about trying a new recipe? Shaved Brussels Sprout SaladSouthwest Quinoa Salad to name a few.

Spring Clean Your Kitchen

This is the time of year I want to purge all the stuff in my pantry that’s been there forever. If I haven’t eaten it over the winter and I don’t plan on eating it anytime soon, I donate it. I do this about twice a year. Toss the junk food. If it’s not in your house you won’t be tempted!! Trust me, this works! I do so much better with my diet when I don’t have the sweets and trigger foods in my house.

Do you do any Spring Cleaning?