January Weigh In

The moment I’ve been dreading for almost 2 months. The last weigh-in was right before Thanksgiving. Then the holidays arrived, too many temptations got the better of me, and I suffered from an array of injuries. I chose to skip the December Weigh-In and Measuring to save what little sanity I had left. Besides, if I had gained some weight in December I knew it would still be there in January…why spoil the holidays?

Date: 11/10/10                       Date: 1/2/11

Weight: 146.5                         Weights: 148.2      +1.7

Waist: 32                                 Waist: 31.75          -.25

Hips: 35.5                                Hips: 34.5              -1.0

Thighs: 18                               Thighs: 19.5          +1.5

Biceps: 11                               Biceps: 11.5            +.5

I stepped on the scale Sunday morning not knowing what to expect. I was happy with my body the last few months, the photos of me didn’t show weight gain that I could see. So I had mixed feelings when I saw that I was up almost 2 pounds. Yes I had indulged during the holidays, but my workouts didn’t falter…that should at least balance things out, right?

I measured and saw both decreases and increases. I think the more inches in my thighs could be attributed to the fact that I’m running again. While it may only be 3 miles on the treadmill, it’s still running and that will probably increase the size of my thighs. The added inches in my biceps can also be explained by all the weight lifting I’m doing. Since I’m focusing on upper body it makes sense that my biceps would be bigger. Right? Maybe I’m grasping at straws here…

Seeing a little loss around my hips and waist is encouraging. Those are my trouble spots. But all in all I’ve been feeling pretty good about my body and the shape it’s becoming. With the weight training and body sculpting I’ve realized I have an hourglass figure. The twist? I have an hourglass figure in combination with the swimmer’s broad shoulders.

Sunday I went swimming and was pleasantly surprised to have a lane all to myself! I’m glad it wasn’t too crowded. I got in a good swim and the rest of the day was spent cleaning and running errands. I’m trying to think of ways I can cut sugar out of my diet. It’s a must for the new year!

QUESTION: What is your body shape?