sore from weight lifting

It Helps to Know a Guy

One of the best pizza joints in Portland is Apizza Scholls over on SE Hawthorne.

The place is popular. It’s not uncommon to show up on a Tuesday night and have to wait quite a long time to be seated. They also stop making pizzas after a certain time each night so if you don’t get in and get on the list they stop seating people! Weird, I know. It’s almost like a hot club with a line to get in and a bouncer at the door choosing who gets to enter.

Guess what? Michael knows a guy. In fact he grew up with a guy that works there so we almost always get in no matter what. Last night was no different. He texted his friend and asked if we could get a table at 7:30 and he said sure. We arrived to a crowd of people in the entryway — so many we could barely move to get to the front counter — and Michael found his friend. They had stopped taking names for tables because there were so many people waiting to get a table. If I had to guess I’d say at least 20 people? Maybe more?

3 minutes later Michael and I were seated and we had beers waiting for us. Talk about VIP treatment! I got a pint of the Anchor Steam beer. It was light and fruity (similar in taste to a Blue Moon or Hefeweizen). Delish.

We ordered a half Sausage and Peppers pizza and the other half was the pineapple, ham and onion for me! It’s my new favorite combo on pizza.

Yum yum! It was a nice night. It had been too long since I’d had Apizza Scholls. It was a nice treat after such a hard workout and a busy day. I enjoyed two slices of pizza and restrained myself from eating a third. They are huge pieces, thin crust but still huge.

I stuck with only one beer. Despite being busy at the restaurant we got our pie super fast. Michael and is friend caught up a bit and then we headed home. It was a nice night. And it definitely helped “to know a guy.”


The moment I opened my eyes on Sunday morning I knew I was going to hurt when I crawled out of bed. My back was tight. I know exactly which weight machine did it, too–the ab machine I use. My arms and shoulders also ached from lifting weights. I knew swimming would be a challenge.

Before I headed to the pool I started dinner and put it in the crockpot (recipe to follow tomorrow). I got to the pool later than normal but enjoyed a lane by myself for my workout. I was SORE. I would classify today’s swim as a “recovery” swim instead of a workout. I took it easy and let my muscles stretch. It definitely helped remedy the soreness I was feeling (so did the hot tub afterward).

One thing about swimming that always baffles me is the HUNGER it creates. I always eat before I swim (sometimes just a snack, sometimes a meal) yet half way through my swim I’m almost always hungry. It’s strange how different activities can create such a different bodily response. One 50 minute swim session for me creates the equivalent hunger of a 5 hour bike ride or 7 mile run. Strange, huh?

Meal Planning Attempt

I’ve never been the type to Meal Plan for the week. I don’t know why because it’s a concept that would make my life a lot easier I think. My wish is to cut down on how often I go to the grocery store.

Sunday: Flemish Beef Stew

Monday: Blackened Salmon, Caesar Salad

Tuesday: Leftover Beef Stew

Wednesday: Nachos

Thursday: Black Bean Quesadillas

Friday: Bacon and Jalapeno Turkey Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries

Saturday:  Quick Coq au Vin

QUESTION: Tell me about your hunger. What activity causes the most hunger in you? And do you meal plan? Any tips?