Down the Rabbit Hole of Pinterest and Etsy

Someone needs to take Pinterest and Etsy away from me.

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest a long time ago; the bride “popping the question” to her bridesmaids with a cute card and one of those fake rings made out of candy. I liked the idea but wanted to make it my own. I did a little research and found a local bakery that could make me some sugar cookies in the shape of a dress.

When I called Le Cookie Monkey and put in the order I said I didn’t have a preference for the icing colors. I said the wedding was fall and that a light red and orange would probably be good. I left it up to them and I’m really happy with how they turned out.


Le Cookie Monkey also delivered! They dropped off two boxes of cookies at my office (which was awesome and saved me so much time) in pizza boxes.


Their minimum order was a dozen cookies, so that’s what I got. I stopped at Joann’s Fabrics to pick up treat boxes and some ribbon and spent one evening putting them together.

Since I was mailing them to my potential bridesmaids, I wanted to get it done asap so the cookies were fresh and I also had to use a lot of padding so they wouldn’t get broken in transit. I used red, white and purple tissue paper, sealed the boxes and then decorated with a ribbon.


It was so much fun! It took me hours but I had good music on, Fat Kitty was lording over the mailing boxes making sure he tested them out. 🙂 I was so focused I forgot to eat. Michael got home around 8pm and then we ate dinner. I’m shocked that *I* forgot to eat!

I remember when I lived alone and was struggling with losing weight and mindless eating. One of the things that helped me a lot was not having idle hands. If I was watching TV I kept busy with crafts instead of food. I sewed, I quilted, I painted treasure boxes and bird feeders, I scrapbooked, etc. It’s a good tip if nighttime boredom eating is a problem for you!

I also bought some cards on Etsy asking my friends to be bridesmaids and I included that in the boxes. Everyone was super excited to get the packages and loved the cookies! It was a fun little thing I could do and it didn’t cost much.


That night Michael and I split one of the broken cookies for dessert. Holy cow were those cookies amazing! I ordered the lavender sugar cookie flavor and it was so freshly baked it was soft like butter. The frosting was good and not too sweet or too thick. I wanted to order another dozen just for me. 🙂

I probably could have made the cookies myself, but I’m glad I went through Le Cookie Monkey. There’s no way mine would have been as delicious as their cookies!

Heart-Shaped Cookies

As a homemade Valentine’s Gift for Michael I made sugar cookie! Shaped like hearts! So cute and so yummy. This recipe I used was a good one: it was easy to use, I had all the ingredients (unlike the recipes that called for corn syrup), the frosting harden up nicely and it tasted good. One tip: REALLY whisk the frosting to get the lumps out!

I’ve had the heart cookie cutter for awhile now and finally decided to use it. I wanted to decorate my heart cookies for the holiday, but I admit–my artist talent does not stretch to cookie decorating. So forgive my childlike decorations.

I had a bunch of food coloring leftover from when I had a Christmas Cookie Party. I used the red and the neon pink. I also had some leftover sprinkles of various colors. Perfect!

My tip for making this frosting recipe is to add the fluids slowly to the powdered sugar to prevent the lumps from forming and ruining your frosting. Let the cookies cool for a bit before frosting to save yourself a headache and a mess.

I also had some red cookie gel I finally got to try. I really liked it a lot. It was easy to use and not too messy. I ran out of it before I could finish all the cookies because it’s a pretty small tube.

I also decorated two cookies without any frosting. Here is my meager attempt at art:

Doing this little art project reminded me of just how out of practice I am with baking. I used to be so good at it. I made some really delicious and really pretty desserts back in the day. Since I don’t eat sweets like this that often, I rarely make it. So my hands are a little rusty now. I would love to take a baking class someday and learn some real tricks of the trade. But for now, this is what I got.

At least they tasted good, right?

QUESTION: What did you give your Valentine?