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Check me out over on the Re*Body Total Transformation Blog. I did an interview about my weight loss and fitness. “Lovely Lisa Eirene: Counting Calories and Measuring Success by the Numbers.”

I’m also a Fit Approach/Sweat Pink Ambassador now! It’s a really cool, supportive community of other women who are into fitness and healthy living. I encourage anyone interested to check it out and apply to be an ambassador. The ladies are all awesome and friendly! There’s also a badge at the bottom of this page for easy link access.


Now for some link love that I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

Sore No More – lower body stretches to ease achy muscles

How to Eat a Burger Like a Weirdo – or like a blogger 🙂

The Trick to Eating Healthy When You’re Eating Out, Beyond Common Sense

Would You Feel More Comfortable Exercising In A Gym That Bans Skinny People?

9 Cross-Training Tips for Cyclists

IronMan 70.3 Racine – such a cool recap! Way to go!

Compression Wear: In a Tight Spot – I love my compression stuff!

How to Ride Inside: Indoor Trainer Workouts for Cyclists

What every person should know but they don’t tell you about the Marathon and Marriage

Lots of good reading lately. Be sure to check out those lower body stretches. I’m definitely going to be incorporating them into my routine to help my legs recover after cycling.

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News From Around the Webs

I’ve been a reading machine lately. I’ve been devouring books (working on a post about some of them now) and reading news like crazy. Here are some of the good things I’ve read lately.

Good Blog Reads

How I Adjusted to a Stress Injury–Guest Post 

Finding Joy In The Journey

Runner’s Plate: engineered food vs. real food for training

When People Say Mean Things

Got Injury? Choices for Continuing Training

Top 5 tips for beginner cyclists

Link Love

10 Things Seafood Restaurants Won’t Tell You  – Disappointing news, but informative. Good advice too: don’t order fish on Mondays; it’s probably been sitting around since Thursday!

Salad Bar Coming to Local Elementary School     – Totally cool!

Starbucks Is Going to Stop Using Bug Food Dye, Okay? – So disgusting! “Starbucks is going to quit using cochineal extract AKA powdered beetles to color their food.”

10 Foods That Should Be Banned From Mall Food Courts – Gross. And mall sushi? Ick!

FDA Approves Food Additive Petition For Formaldehyde – So disheartening. Article from 1996, I’m wondering if it’s still accurate.

Discovery of Mad Cow in Calif. Was Stroke of Luck – Scary stuff! I remember when I was in my early teens I wasn’t allowed to donate blood because I had been to England within 5 years and Mad Cow Disease had been rampant there. Weird!

Julia Child, a legacy of teaching the joy of food

WA grocer turns food waste into liquid fertilizer   – So cool!

Group helps ducklings cross downtown Portland streets – This was too cute for words. I am not ashamed to admit that I watched the entire video!

And finally, this graphic is really cool and I just wanted to share:

Interesting stats, huh? I like the way it’s been broken down.

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