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NOTE TO SELF: Just because you have extra calories left over for the day, does NOT mean you need to eat them all…


Now that I am home from vacation, summer is drawing to a close, I’m trying to get back on track, I need this reminder every once in awhile. I’m back to paying attention to portion control and staying in my calorie range every day. So why do I self-sabotage and eat MORE calories than I need?

Sometimes we all need that reminder….(NOTE TO SELF: in order to lose weight, we must create a DEFICIT of calories. So stop eating the “extra” calories earned!)

In the same vein, that message is hard to tell myself when I am FAMISHED. Seriously, stomach growling, gurgling, nauseated hunger. I hate that! That’s how I’ve felt this week. My food choices have been very healthy! Lots of fruits and veggies as snacks; I’ve been guzzling water like mad; we haven’t been eating out. Good choices.

So why am I so stinking hungry? I’m guessing it’s the weather change. And I felt it Wednesday morning when I got on the bike at 7am to ride to work. 55 degrees. I was FREEEEEZING.

Which sounds like a big, fat whine compared to Lori at Finding Radiance….her first “fall” ride was 36 degrees. Brrrr. Okay, so maybe my 55 degrees wasn’t that chilly; it sure felt that way, though, so I biked a little bit faster than I should have just to warm up my shivering body.



Despite being freezing (I should have worn more layers) and grumbling as I got up earlier than normal to hit the road, I was glad I did it. Biking to work is the best way to start the day. I am refreshed and energized and happy! The ride home was a little more comfortable:


While the ride home was warmer and nicer, my knee was bugging me and my back felt really tight. So all in all the ride home was “meh” and sadly, it might be my last right to work. The weather here in Oregon is getting “iffy” and inconsistent. I’m just not gonna ride in the rain!

In other news: Michael and I are serious about a dog now. I have a few feelers out and have been chatting with two different foster moms about the dogs. No news yet and no idea if we’ll get a chance to meet the dogs. I told Fat Kitty we might be getting a puppy and this was his reaction:

He’s not enthused. I know it will be a BIG change for the kitties. I have many, many reservations about getting a dog. Will the cats be miserable? Will they start acting out? Will the three of them get along or just cause me stress and anxiety? Like I said, no news yet and I’m trying NOT to fall in love with the pictures and video clips the foster moms are sending me of the dogs….!

It’s hard.

Note to self: be patient.

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About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

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  1. Get a Feliway Diffuser. It will relax the kitties & make them more accepting of any changes in the household. You can buy them at pet stores. It is like a Glade Plug-In except it releases pheromones. I use it when there is a stressful situation in the house.

  2. I think Fat Kitty doubts your seriousness about getting a dog, but the wheels are turning regarding how this may directly affect him.

  3. I am the same way – it’s 10:00 at night, I am hungry and I think “I have the calories!” But what sense does that make right before bed?!

    I know, Lori was a bad ass riding in that temp!

  4. As Chris’ wise uncle once said, “The pets will always work it out.” But there will be a period of adjustment. Chris was all worried about our cats adjusting to our new house, and they are beyond fine. They love it. Yes, I think you will know when you meet *your* dog. Of course, we can’t recommend our PDX dog sitter, Amy, enough. She quickly became a very special person in our lives (and she’s very reasonably priced). I’m always here if you want to sneak me a video or two. Or nine.

  5. Awww!!!!! The pic of Fat Kitty is priceless! Look forward to seeing your dog when you find the right one for ALL in the family! Have a great day Lisa.

  6. If it is any help-my brother’s cats live upstairs and the dog lives downstairs. The cats are allowed downstairs and the dog is not allowed upstairs. Somehow it works. I was nervous about getting a second dog but I think 1st dog is much happier now. I overt hought it, that’s what hubby said.

    • That sounds like a great set up! We don’t have that option but we’d make something work to keep the animals happy and safe. When I got Maya as a playmate for Fat Kitty they hated each other and I was terrified that I couldn’t keep her. After 2 weeks they were best friends.

  7. Stay very far away from greyhounds since you have kitties. When I worked in a vets office, we had recycled racers in house and that was always a big thing when adopting them out – to make sure there were no cats.

    My parents introduced a cat to their lab and at first they hated each other, but now they love to play and sleep together. It really depends on the cat’s personality. If yours are super shy or skittish, they probably will have a hard time adjusting to a dog. So, you might want to invest in some Nature’s Miracle LOL!

    Love fat kitties face 😀

  8. I’ve always been a dog person … but, they do require more commitment than cats! I am getting lazy about cooking a healthy dinner, and then I succumb to snacking because I feel like I haven’t really eaten.

  9. That note to self is EXACTLY what I needed to hear! I get so excited when my day is over and I have leftover calories and I can have some candy. I mean, I’m pretty pleased that I stick to one serving (or even less!), but still. Those calories for sure add up over time! Plus, if I eat to my limit every day, I won’t have wiggle room on other days to go over if I want to go out to eat and splurge a teensy bit. Definitely needed to hear this today (I only have 66 cals left for the day!).

  10. Love the note to self!!

    We have an older cat and when our older dog, who he got along with “okay” died, we got a puppy. We were very diligent about introducing them very, very, very sloooowly and they are “okay” together. Not best friends but good acquaintances. 🙂

  11. same note to self here too.
    different reason.

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